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What's Your Greatest Fear?

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I know mine. It's very easy. It is to have lived my entire life and to have not gained the wisdom that I know I need and truly desire.
Solomon could have had anything that he wanted. Not just from others. His father was the king. He was the most beloved son of David, the most famous ruler of Israel. He could have asked for riches, which later, he did get. But that's not what he sought. He asked for wisdom. He didn't seek it from man. He sought it from the divine mind of God.

Wisdom will work wonders for you.

1. It will let you live with peace within yourself.
2. It will let you live with peace in your heart with others even if they are not at peace with themselves or with you.
3. It will prepare you for making right choices.
4. It will let you live by standards of honesty, integrity, fairness and strength.
5. It will give you intelligent compassion and empathy for others.
6. It allows you to live life on the terms of your own character rather than living it to please others.
7. Most importantly, it will all but eliminate drama from your life. Drama is life depleting. It is happiness depleting. It is true joy depleting. It is unnecessary.
8. It will make you more self-reflective and honest with yourself. A side benefit is that you'll know yourself better than anyone else will ever know you.
9. It will empower you in a way that most people will never experience.
10. It will make you generous. Because of the spiritual law of sowing and reaping, generosity will keep you full and abundant.

A well-known celebrity was asked about their choices and actions in life. She said, "I answer to myself and God. What others think of me is none of my business."

This is wisdom. This is the wisdom to live your life on your terms and not someone else's.


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you ENCourage to be different, while some ENCourage to be mediocre.

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