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Camping outside - A Sleepless Night

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My previous blog is about our plan and expectations about travel in this National Day holiday, while in this one, I'm going to talk about the reality, and how the plan turned out to be.

On the morning of Oct 5th, we arrived in Shaoguan-a northern city of Guangdong. We brought one tent with us, and we decided to camp on top of a mountain in Mount Danxia scenic area that night. Originally, we expected to see the sunset where we were going to set up our tent, but when we reached the peak of the mountain, the sun had already gone down. Some told us that sunrise is a far more spectacular thing to watch here, so we don't have to panic.

As the darkness approaches, we started to set up our tent, like many other campers did, while some had already pitched their tents and were playing cards inside with their friends. Our tent was a relatively large one, and I just hoped it could accommodate all four of us, leaving some space to spare for each of us when we lie flat in it, so as to make us comfortable enough to sleep during the night.

I thought that for most of us, this was a whole new experience as we had never slept in tent before. We were eager to get inside, and lie down, hoping to have a good rest considering we were all exhausted after having walked long distances and scaled a number of mountains during the day. But we couldn't fall asleep whatsoever, as campers around us were frolicking and making a lot of noise. One family in particular, brought along their kids, and just camped about one meter away from us. Surprisingly, they didn't bring tents with them, and just put a blanket on the ground for them to sleep on, without even adopting any measures to keep out the gusting wind. So, needless to say, they couldn't fall asleep as well, as they were constantly cursing the wind, which kept them cool. The kids seemed to be less concerned about the wind as they were playing around, chasing each other, and sometimes laughing loudly at each other, disregarding the yellings and warnings from other annoyed campers.

I somehow managed to fall asleep, but when I woke up, I could still hear that some people were chitchatting around us, making no attempts to keep their voice down while so many others were sleeping. I brought out my cellphone to check the time, and the time was around 3 o'clock. I said to myself: "oh, my god, how can I manage to fall asleep this time if they just kept talking like this till they wake up the sun." I thought that the majority of the campers wanted to have a good sleep so that they could wake up in the morning, feeling refreshed, so as to enjoy the gorgeous view of sunrise. I was appalled by the fact that someone would be so determined to keep others awake while they themselves couldn't fall asleep.

The fact is that a small group of people kept talking the whole night, and because of that, many others were kept awake as well. Some guys who couldn't stand up with their noise, struck their head out of tent in the middle of the night, and spoke out the issue to them. But, while they were awake physically, their moral was obviously, in deep sleep.

Our tent

The sunrise

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    RonJaDa: Hey Cody, that sound like a scary experience,  it is hard to know what to do.  I am glad you got through safe and did not encounter more serious probl ...
    Hi, Ron, thank you very much for your concern and kind suggestions. Yes, it's a valuable lesson for me.

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    Hey Cody, that sound like a scary experience,  it is hard to know what to do.  I am glad you got through safe and did not encounter more serious problems.

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