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Do OUR own part well, then wait...

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Do OUR own part well, then wait...

Posted on June 28,2017


We all need to remember at times that miracles DO happen, and sometimes the littlest blessing can turn out to be a big one, and just what we needed.

There are always challenges we all are obliged to face—-and the things that frighten, sadden, and discourage us at times, whether the loss of a loved one, or a disappointment of some kind.

We ALL always find ourselves in situations we hate, a home we don’t really like, a job we hate, a boss who makes our life a living hell—-and most of the time, those situations don’t improve by magic. 

Sometimes, often, we have to embrace the situation we’ve got, and work on improving it, and only then, when our attitude changes toward it, are we shifted to a much better place or situation? —but first we have to do OUR part. 

The bad boss doesn’t just quit and make your life easier, and no one walks up to the front door and hands you the keys to a better house, or gives you a check to improve it. 

But once you do your part, the miracles start to happen.

we have to work on improving a situation, and not just sit and cry about it, and we can’t give up until we make situations in our lives more livable, and THEN the blessings and miracles happen. 

A friend may help you, or a lucky break, or some unexpected money, or someone may give you what you need—-but we have to do our part of the work too.


Most of us want to write, write down our own lives, or for the people around us, but writing is not easy, as we all know, too hard to put thoughts into words as we want, from the first notes on the concept, to outline, first draft, to the many re-writes, it’s a long process of honing, cleaning, building, editing.

The knowledge of how to tell and write stories is hard to obtain.


Anchee Min(閔安琪) born January 14, 1957 in Shanghai, China) is a well-known Chinese-American author, she is my idol, at the age of 20, she was spotted by a team of talent scouts from the Shanghai Film Studio in a labor camp, and was selected to become an actress for her ideal “proletarian good looks” , eventaully won the leading role in a propaganda film inspired by Madame Mao(Jiang qing). Mao died before the film was complete, and Madame Mao, blamed for the disaster of the revolution, was sentenced to death. Min was labeled a political outcast by association. She was disgraced, punished,and forced to perform menial tasks in order to reform herself. In 1984, with the help of her friend, American actress Joan Chen(陈冲) She left China for America, and spoke no English when arrived in Chicago. The story of Anchee’s eventual success, a mother and a writer, an immigrant story that illuminates so many things we take for granted. And it is an universal story, about moving forward until you find a path or find you have been blazing one all along.


With all my love, Liu

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