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My Baby’s Jelly Fell Down on the Floor

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My Baby’s Jelly Fell Down on the Floor


(There was a simple table in the midde of our drawing room, surrounded by a green sofa, my little baby sat on it, with his barefeet hanging down naturally, on the table was a garbage-box, and there was a red strawberry-flavored jelly in it, for the jelly is dirty now.)


My baby’s jelly fell down on the floor, all at once, he burst into tears.

That broke his heart, and he feel very sad, crying loudly, tears hovering in his eyes, then rolling down his cheeks, with his little finger pointing to the waste jelly on the floor.

It seems as if how pitful he is.

This happened when he tried to eat his favorite jelly with a fork by himself. At present, he is not capable of using forks or chopsticks as he want at his age, two and a half.


He wanted us to pick it up for him, so he can continue eating it as if nothing had happenned. He was too reluctant to see us throw it into the garbage-box, shooking his head violently.

Looking at his serious, earnest and chidish face, I always find it funny and interesting to observe the way he(kid) eats.

That’s the way he is learning.

That’s the way we grow up.

That’s the way belong to both of us to share time together.

That the way we accompany each other into old age.


I tried to quiet him and persuade him not to eat it, and said:

” Anything dropped on the floor is insanitary and should not be eaten, for it’s harmful to health and for there are many a little worms on the floor which have eaten the food and contaminated it.”

But no explanation works, he still insisted on eating that jelly. Now I could do nothing but take another jelly out and help him tear the plastic film off it. And finally there was a pause, at the moment, he was enjoying his jelly with a smile on his face.


Sometimes I couldn’t stop thinking that it seems as if he knows that he should be dilligent and thrifty due to the poor economic condition of his family.

Anyway, what a sweet and considerate little boy he is!



Liu, on 5th June,2017

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Reply Report liu5222512 2017-6-7 01:19
Correct myself: for there is many a little worm on the floor which has eaten the food and contaminated it.
Reply Report liu5222512 2017-6-8 12:30
Correct myself:
That broke his heart, and he feel very sad, crying loudly,
The corrected one:and he felt very sad.
Reply Report snowipine 2017-6-8 14:53
Second baby?
Reply Report liu5222512 2017-6-8 18:33
snowipine: Second baby?
The first baby.
Reply Report snowipine 2017-6-8 19:32
I love kids. Hurry up
Reply Report snowipine 2017-7-12 01:31
liu5222512: The first baby.
What should I say  when I saw the photo of your baby and you, at the moment, Mr Brother?

I have a great day, since i found a New Continent.

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