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What Chinese Civilization We Should Rejuvenate?

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What Chinese Civilization We Should Rejuvenate?

Life is short but a span, just dozens of years, it might have been funny, but in reality, as a matter of fact, lives of a great number of people are meaningless, and there is no joy for them.

As for why do I suddenly define the colorful life as an existence of boredom, more of a chore than a pleasure, that will be a long story.

But thinking of that not many people actually like reading long articles nowadays, in case people can not seek any fun in your writing, nobody will show their interest and read about it.

So, to facilitate reading, I can not but give a brief account to talk about my recent feelings, by the way, some boring people would be mentioned of.


For thousands of years, Chinese have been oppressed, enslaved and massacred. If there were real happiness and freedom for them, that is just the ravings or visions of the historians.

In ancient times, constrained by the backward production capacity, the ignorant and unenlightened ideology, freedom is merely an extravagant hope, let alone live a happy life. And we can see that Chinese people have been lingering on the edge and struggling their feeble existence from varieties of historical records which have been yet whitewashed.

Even if, sometimes, they rise up and fight for the happiness and freedom of life sporadically, in the end, they would die, or become the victims of those in power again, as a result, being a slave of a new master all the same.


Is there a sign that shows they have the so-called true sense of independence, freedom and democracy?

Many Chinese writers and cultural historians like the most about the self-glorification in which they fabricate fairy tales and sagas with a five-thousand-year civilization. After make a general survey of the entire Chinese history, I still see this civilization is nothing but a civilization with a history full of oppression, enslavement and killings.


Now, it is said that we should revitalize China and rejuvenate Chinese civilization, I just do not know what to be revitalized and what to be rejuvenated.


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