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One way To Beijing

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3 am early morning of 11th september 1982.

I am standing on the over bridge attached  to Bangkok  airport.

On the evening of 10th September we three travelled by Thai Airways to Bangkok from Dhaka.

Bebool went to airlines care to Bangkok city to spend his night.Our ticket was not entitled for a hotel.What a joke !We planned to go by Thai bus for a night.Sayeed told me “its expensive in a hotel,better we stay in the airport lounge.Our luggage booked direct to HongKong.A great relive

without  luggage in hand.

But how come Bebool’s travel agent could provide a hotel but why not we?

Sayeed didn’t replied as his uncle arranged ticket for us.

I was a bit worried for Bebool’s health as he vomit whatever he took inflight.

I lit up one cigarette and take a long puff inside my lungs.

I warned Bebool not to take many drinks together and not to take pastry in the end.He didn’t care to my advise.This was his first opportunities to see so many foreign drinks and lovely food.

We  are sitting in different row but can see each other.

Bebool start with beer,whisky,white wine,red wine and cognac.

I giveup convince him when I see he gone crazy and demand more drinks to the air hostesses.

I simply take beer and Sayeed also go for whisky only.

I noticed Sayeed he simply shrug and say don’t care about Bebool.

Bebool start vomit and cared by the crews.


Many wood log carrier passing through under our flyover. Some buses with transparent roof can be seen passengers sleeping.Very amazing for me as this is first time I can see something new.This is my first international flight.

On due time we took our boarding card and gone inside.

Why Bebool is not coming??We are watching the main entrance for Bebool and same time watching  stuff in the dutyfree shop.The departure time is very nearby but we don’t see any gate no. in the board.

Huge number of people moving .

Suddenly  a Thai woman with police dress come infront of me and snatch the boarding card and ask worriedly where is another one?I shout to Sayeed and the lady put one hand to my back and yell run---run to gate no.38 just there-----.She was excited and while running I look back found she was taking a deep breath standing on the rubber matted way.

We run upto gate no.38 and then in a boarding tunnel.

The reception in the gate of aircraft was very cloudy.Air hostess take us quickly towards seat.I found immidiet after  we enter the aircraft the gate been locked behind us.The plane already start moving.

We are 8 minute late and by this time the aircraft should be on the taxiway or flyaway.

When the plane been stable in the sky and other passengers open seat belt we start locate Bebool.We roam the whole aircraft but alas.Whether he can come or not  can’t decide.

We take our food with  a can of beer.


Soon we two arrived in HongKong and mine stopped in the custom.They took me to their office and start asking question.They suspecting me as a heroin carrier.I said I have never seen the powder practically.Then body and luggage check and finally I meet Sayeed waiting outside the gate.We come to second floor and start cheking CAAC outlet.All the small offices are closed.Today is a half day because of Saturday.One ask us to come to check-in-counter in the morning.

While we moving with uncertainty keep our luggage on a trolly suddenly we found Bebool also going very slowly looking left to right with a bit of anxiety.

Actually his flight was later than ours and he did same searching for us in the aircraft and decided this two stupid fail their flight.

Now what should we do?

Go to a hotel and rest there?

Again we discussed the matter and agreed with Sayeed that the airport is the best place for stay.The whole sitting area is fully carpeted and airconditioned.We take a wash in the large bathroom and toilet.Super clean toilet.There are clean towel.Feel relieve after a sleepless last night .Kept our luggage in the cloak room.We comes out of the airport building.A tunnel took us on the other side of the road.Inside tunnel a man playing a battery operated flute.

He is a beggar.

O my goodness. Such a smart beggar !

A lot of people moving around.All the shops with different items.

In the evening we took seat in a tiny street restaurant on trolley.

Buildings are quite old .We decide to take noodles.

Now my deaf and dumb style communication started.

First I show him noodles,then some vegetable.The young man acting same as me and show some meat.We were not sure of the meat of what animal so signal him not to add.Rather we show some egg.The man started his job on the four wheel trolley.

There are many such food shop in each tiny lane with sitting stool, some also having big umbrella.Now in the evening  we are under the sky.

Soon the food prepared and we are in a bit of confusion about the taste. Ummmm,its okey-----other two also started their meal.The man standing and watching us eagerly.He shows thumb we shook our head. He smiled with joy.Now how to drink water?The bottle water is expensive than beer.We became cautious about the expenditure.We never purchase water for drinking.Suddenly the idea grows that what about wash room tap water.Certainly it will be clean as bottle ones.


And we drink the water . Ummm no inconvenience feel by us, as we were afraid about the cleanness. We took shelter where less people or no people at all. Its end part of the airport.The toilet is nearby ,so the the luggage store room.The charges are different to deposit your luggage for a period of 6 hours, 12 hours, 18 hours and 24 hours.The man in the counter helped us so much as we introduce us as student. He guide us don’t go more than 12 hours, its cheap. We put our luggage in a trolley and keep it in the middle of three triangle body sleep on the floor.The notice in the column warned us “DON’T LEAVE YOUR LUGGAGE UNATTENDED.LUGGAGE THEFT OCCURRED HERE”  What a nice and transparent warning. The authority earned our respect.

We slept deeply covering our body with bed sheet brought from home.Its chilled and cool.

End of part01.

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