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The lady doctor hold the report and said Miss Archona I think you have comes to know that you are pregnant.You are going to be a mother soon.If you want to go for an abortion you must do it by today or tomorrow. Delay put you in risk and the Hong Kong law there are some bindings.

Archona watching the doctor without a blink. There are more patient waiting outside the chamber.

Such a fantastic doctor with an excellent disposition, personality and understanding start telling ‘I can understand Ms Archona that you can’t take decision right the moment. Let me help you, Lets rest today.If you decide to clean it come tomorrow afternoon and get admit here.But be sure to make a phone call before you come.’  


Archona left Dr.Christina Wong’s chamber and get down Nathan roads crowd .

She felt hungry.Seated in MacDonald’s eating a big burger ,nuggets ,potato finger and Coca-Cola watching the peoples moving in Nathan road. She took unusual long time and finally collect a cup of coffee.And then comedowns to the crowded street.

Its just nine o’clock in the evening. The night market is nearby .

She collected choosing very small cotton made clothings for a baby . T shirt, pant, sock, shoes and the items for bath like soap, oil, cream,powder packed in a basket of Johnson’s baby product.These are not available in Delhi .

Take the nearest MTR and after changing level  she comes to her friend apartment in Hong Kong island side. All her three friends were looks worried about her. Margaret Yang did her Phd on Chinese literature in the same institute living next building  in Beijing. Two other friends of Maggie living in HK become a good friend to Archona.Last time Archona along with her partner Arshad became guest in Maggies apartment.All the three keep foods for her as she was delayed in attending the dinner. Both three were eagerly waiting for the last advise of the doctor .Without uttering  a single word Archie opened up the packets with mystic silent smile.All three also sharing with a silent laughing and surprising mode start hug Archie and broken the silence loudly greeting her.

They understood Archie change her mind.She wants to be a mother.

Maggie bringout Arshads picture taken last time along with Archie in the mountainous area of HK. All start chaos about the baby’s probable portrait having similar either with the the mom or dad!Boy or girl, long hair like Archie or blonde hair like dad,Arshad!!   

There are no champagne but a can of beer and coke for Archie.

They celebrate a midnight with a prayer for a healthy baby.

 All went to bed in the late night .Archie could see the harbor full with ship and exciting light . She don’t feel sleepy . She put forward her eyes far away towards sea where it is extremely dark .she is making her plan to raise the baby.It will be in Delhi’s Govt hospital as well the gap of the father name will be Arshad. After become eligible for moving she will take train to UP in her village home and handover baby to grandma.

There the baby will grow up.

Archie went asleep soon.

All the four are late to getup from bed.The table is waiting for them with breakfast.

Maggies mom and dad living in the next apartment owned by them too. Her two elder brother living in USA.

Taking the breakfast Archie told she will travel today to Beijing.Doctor advise a rest for next one month . She will go to GZhou and catch the evening scheduled train for Beijing.Maggie didn’t feel to request as the baby is very important and she need a safe journey.

After the lunch together with Maggies parents all four gone to HungHom rail station.

For a safe and trouble free journey they help her to buy a direct train ticket for Gzhou. ShenZhen border crossing is really a hassle.

All the four cried a lot by holding each other . Archies air ticket is Pek-Delhi directly. May be it will be not possible to meet each other rest of the life .They promise to keep in touch through writing letter . What a scenario created in the stations immigration desk.Many looks taking a interest because all four are lady , no functions of boy. And more interestingly with an Indian girl.

Archie was crying and telling Arshads possibilities to back in Beijing is little as Pakistan embassy summoned of him and insults him in a way proof that his scholarship will be canceled for loving me, an Indian girl.

Finally Archie take her seat and had an excellent journey to Gzhou so soonest time.

She got her foreigners quota ticket in the first class and upon a request provided with lower berth.

She is a self payee student and this is the first time she travelled in a direct train from HK as well going to travel first-class cabin to Beijing. Some other known face  she found also taking the same train to Beijing.They had sit together in the waiting area and chatted till announcement made from the loudspeaker.

The train left exactly at 9.00 pm.

What a comfortable sleeper and chilled wind. She feel great to be a passenger in the first class.Her uneasy mode cleared off when she found an overseas Chinese couple are in the same cabin.After took a wash and a change Archie took bread, milk, chocolate and fruit. They have given few days dry food in a basket for her. Archie feel lucky to have those HK friends.

The trains jigsaw noise brings Arshad,s face infront of her.The tears dropping without any pause.She felt unless a govt order why he was asked to back in Pakistan.The fare also provided by the govt.

What is the offense?

The offense is love a Hindu girl and live together in the dormitory.

The military attaché took a good ride on Arshad and order to leave her,the Hindu girl !

Arshad given a negative answer and the result is handingover a oneway ticket to Pakistan.His passport also provoked and given a travelers pass expire upon arrival.

Archie change her side to left.The room is only with a foot lamp looks very charming for a deep thought.

Whatever in her fate the only joy  she is going to be the mother of Arshads offspring.

This is all her earning in the lifetime from the man whom she loved like a mad .She had no affairs in her life ever.

Well there are hope to reunited either in Lahore or Delhi if the time favored them. 

And recognition of her offspring? Oh that’s a bullshit, I really don’t care !

She is carrying Arshads issue in her ovary ,this is the prime moment , recognition of her love .

What a madly love with madly moment they spent for last nine months.

Archie pull the quilt covered her body and shut her eyes.

Oh , no its the baby floating in front of her, spreading hand towards her, yellow skin with cats eye ,toothless looking towards her, exciting , unimaginable, beautiful-----------Archie went asleep--------

The train is in full speed towards Beijing.    

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