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There are many friends who have been married with their right persons,and the others have their GFs or BFs. However, you are still single. what should you do? It looks like hard to seek a right ppl accompanying with you nowadays. Maybe it's a common question for ppl who are single, have no patience to spend your time with strangers if you are not interested in them. You thought it's not a big deal to find one when you were a uni student. It is out of the question to get one whom you want to be with after graduation. You go for blind dates times and times, but the result is the same - being single, because you have a standard in your mind. As long as the woman you meet doesn't fit your level, you stop meeting her, even if the flaw is iota. What a freak you are!  

Your folks ask you every time when you call home.

"Son,don't you have a gf yet?"



"I have no idea..but I will have one just sooner or later.I know you are eager to want a grandbaby . I will try my best to find one .just waiting for  good news from me. okay ? "( You cheat them and myself all the time.)

"ok, what if we introduce someone to u? "

"oh,nope...thanks ,mom. It's useless since we are not in the same city"

"I just want to find her by myself ." ( in vain )

"aha , so where is your ...Do not let us down . we all hope you have one in the new year .you know your little cousin has one now...he is 2 years younger than ya ."

"......"---you are speechless and don't know what do say now. 

Yeah, 29 is not a good age to get your own family,and being a father. But first of all, you have to seek one to marry with! However, there are still many things waiting for me to do .My dreams ,travelling, career...I don't want to get involved with family early. 

Things in real life are sometimes contradictory!!!

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    lychee527: How come? I think he pretended to be a fool.
    Nope. It's true. Actually I had to write "sex" on dictionary and show him because I didn't know how to say in Chinese  

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