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Hi Linda,

About the CJ project manager, here I would like to share my opinion with you:

  • For good development of a project, it'd be better to arrange only one manager to deal with the issues of the project. And he/she can familiarize himself/herself with the whole process and complete details about the project. In addition, colleagues from other departments are easy to know which CJ project manager they are working with. However, it will be convenient to handle problems if two managers are allocated in different work place.
  • Until now I am in charge of project R( sharing with Pang), A(sharing with Cheng ), HO, HS and AV. For the last three projects, there are almost no issues needed to be handled. While, CJ would be one more sharing project with others.
  • Meanwhile, I’ve been working on SN for a while even if I am not responsible for it.
  • I want to specialize in one project in order to get a good development of my career.

Looking back to work I have done in this department, it seems I always deal with random work in various projects. I do want to take part in a project, which is belonged to me, just myself. I’ve taken part in Snecma project about one year, and I did presentations for them several times, including new facility construction, equipments layout/flowchart, load/capacity analysis and investment.

As you mentioned CJ will be assembled in ***, and it would give me a good opportunity to study and contribute what I have learnt in UK to it. I do appreciate you said so. But I have no interests to domestic projects and I am afraid I will let you down. I am sorry.

Here, I apply that I can be in charge of SN project alone instead of dividing me into CJ and SN. And I will continue to do the work with other projects, which are under my responsibility. Could you please reconsider it for me and take my concerns into account?

Anyway, I will respect any decision you will do.


Thank you.

May 29th. 2014


I wrote this email to my office leader after she asked me to share a totally new project with others.  But I refused it.

My friend said I made the decision in haste...... 

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Reply Report ColinSpeakman 2014-5-29 19:47
Can we know what some of the initials stand for?
Reply Report lychee527 2014-5-30 08:54
ColinSpeakman: Can we know what some of the initials stand for?'s about my work..

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