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how the tables turned

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this country concealed and mismanaged the initial outbreak, AND appears to continue to conceal and mismanage.

 The number of new cases reported has risen dramatically in recent days even as infections are falling in other countries.

no propaganda at home and abroad can imply the containment here as successful. aparently, the best they can do now is say, "it's not that deadly", or "hey, look at tom hanks. he got it, and he's fine". other jokers such as british prince charles, and boris johnson have joined in on the charades, but given the transparency of the western elite, can we really trust that they actually have it?

But there is also concern that numbers here may be flawed and incomplete. they claim that this will be over in a month, but i doubt that. if they ever even get this thing under control, the real test will be whether the virus flares again when children return to classrooms and workers to factories, and commuters start taking buses and subways.

The economy has ground to a near standstill, and many small businesses say they may soon run out of cash. Patients with critical illnesses are struggling to find timely care, and many have died. it has now come to the point where they just let people die because the authorities have no solution. equipment is running out, and so are hospital beds. theyre simply not able to deal with what is to come. they cant even deal with the present situation.

Hundreds of millions of people have been placed in some form of isolation. As of Friday, hundreds of thousands remained under quarantine, according to the corporate media.

“I have been worried about all the focus on just controlling the virus,” said Dr. Jennifer Nuzzo, a senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security. She recommended a more measured response, such as that taken by the governments in Hong Kong and Singapore. Officials there enacted targeted quarantines but did not shut down workplaces altogether, allowing their respective economies to continue operating while so far successfully containing the virus. so far, this approach has not worked for the west, but there are no signs of a plan b. are there any plans at all?

we have failed on multiple fronts. 
whether you take a broad view of the impact on society, or measuring the numbers of cases, we have failed.

The number of cases reported on Saturday was a substantial increase from two and a half weeks ago, when we was recording around 20,000 new infections and as many as 1000 deaths a day. 

if that isnt bad enough, up to 150 million people are now out of work

“This epidemic can be pushed back,” Dr. Tedros said, “but only with a collective, coordinated and comprehensive approach that engages the entire machinery of government.”

W.H.O. experts sent to China have also highlighted clinics that could diagnose hundreds of cases a day with CT scans and laboratory tests, and the mass isolation centers in stadiums in Wuhan that separated people who had mild infections from their families.

“There’s no question that China’s bold approach to the rapid spread of this new respiratory pathogen has changed the course of what was a rapidly escalating and continues to be a deadly epidemic,” Dr. Bruce Aylward, the leader of the W.H.O. team that visited China, told reporters in Beijing late last month.

The numbers suggest that aggressive quarantine measures, when fully enforced, could choke the spread of the virus, said Dr. William Schaffner, an infectious disease specialist at Vanderbilt University.

“This is the largest public health experiment in the history of humankind,” Dr. Schaffner said. “They can’t turn it off, but they did turn it down. Still, the total number of infections in america is closing in on the 300k mark, is staggering, especially given the low population, poppulation density, and amount of time authorities had to prepare. Still there are reasons to doubt the official figures.

In the early days of the outbreak, a shortage of test kits and hospital beds meant that many were not able to get tested. Many mild infections are likely going undetected. The government has changed how it counts cases several times in recent weeks, prompting large fluctuations in the reported figures, though experts say such adjustments are not unusual.

Medical experts say that there have been few signs that the government has aggressively tested for the coronavirus outside of medical facilities in ny. Until they broaden the scope of testing, experts say, it will be impossible to determine the true extent of the epidemic because those who have mild infections might not see a doctor.

“At the moment we are focused on the tip of the iceberg

while the west is authoritarian in many ways, their inaction during crisises is likely to cost us all. western shopping centers are the first ones to tell you that you cant skateboard inside, yet they've been relatively mum to instruct people what to do during the initial covid outbreak. theyll tell you that restrooms are for customers ONLY, or no outside food allowed, yet they wont tell you to open a window, or door to prevent the spread of germs. had western authorities taken action earlier, would so many western cities need to be on lockdown today?

, many now think such a clampdown could have been avoided if officials had not first hid the scale of the outbreak and silenced whistle-blowers.

The impact of the restrictions has been felt most acutely in ny, where millions have been effectively penned in since march. For more than five weeks, the typically bustling hub of universities, commerce and transportation has been transformed into a collection of ghost towns as the virus has ravaged communities, ensnared entire families and infected thousands of medical workers.

america's experience combating the virus has also highlighted the risk of family transmission if hospitals run out of beds and testing kits, as they did throughout america, where for weeks, many who were sick were sent home and infected their relatives.

despite residents now mostly barred from leaving their homes, the virus continues to spread rapidly.

and theres more. yanks are turning against each other. new yorkers are being pulled over in highways in other states to be thrown into quarantine. it's not unusual for yanks to call the cops on new yorkers out of fear that they could be transmiting the virus. new yorkers have become a pariah, at least in other states.

Among residents in ny, there are signs that anger and frustration are mounting. american social media sites are flooded with deleted posts from residents saying they have lost their jobs because of the extended lockdown, making it difficult to make payments on mortgages and loans. Others have described food shortages in their communities. not to mention toilet paper, napkins, and paper towels. fried chicken joints are running out of chicken. the question now is not when will the shortages end? rather, what shortage will come next? you have to remember, all the stuff thats available now was produced earlier. since things have shut down, very little is being produced, and soon people will start to feel it. even when the trade war began, shortages were starting to show, but nothing like what is being experienced now, and in the months to come. even donald chrump has said, the following weeks will be very painful, but let me extend that. the following months, and years will be painful. theres no way things will magically get better after a few weeks. only a naive child would believe that. what you have is a bankrupted government who is offering trillions to big business while ordinary people are choking. sure coca cola, and nike will be fine, and continue functioning, but what about the waiters, barbers, and drivers? even parasites who cater to the nba are bound to suffer, especially as many of them live off debt. i guess the officials dont have to answer to them. it is no wonder amazon workers went on strike a few days ago. the mismanagement indeed is stretching to all aspects of life.

while china delivered vegetables, and meat to its residents, the west has yet to take such action, and are unlikely to ever.

Relationships are also fraying as families are forced to live for extended periods in confined spaces. residents are reporting physical abuse by their family members at home. domestic violence is through the roof, but don't count on the media to bring any attention to it. their job is to minimize this crisis, not inform you.

“Under these circumstances, it’s really difficult for them to find help during the epidemic. “It’s so difficult to leave the house.”
the lockdown is  exacting a psychological toll on residents.

“Ordinary people have no source of income and lack a sense of certainty even about when they’ll be able to go out,”. “When you can’t feel the ground or you lose control over a situation, it’s easy to lose the most basic sense of security.” in a western world that already has high levels of mental illness. this is a recipe for disaster.

officials wants to fire up its economy by easter, but despite immense pressure to take no risks in order to reduce the number of infections, their greed gets the best of them. as states have heightened their alert levels for the virus, many companies are choosing to err on the side of risk by remaining open. even today, many businesses remain open, including office buildings. only recently have they begun taking measures to shut down more non essential businesses, but is that too little too late?

Some experts are increasingly wondering if lockdowns will become pointless the more widespread the virus becomes. Given the spread of the virus and the difficulty of spotting mild cases, they say, it is unlikely that it will ever be completely eliminated — especially in america. some corporate media news sources estimate 200 million yanks will get infected, while others say every new yorker will be. the mainstream media recentlycame out with a 200k number, but can we really trust the corporate media? arent these the same people who said this will be all over in a few weeks? or claimed that this is just like the flu? you got folks like sanjei gupta trying to pull a fast one over people, and trying to minimize the situation.

china has a very high population per capita, meaning it should have been much more difficult to control than the west. chinas population has 145/sq km, while america has only 36. given these numbers, it ought to be much easier to control americas crisis, but this isnt the case.

they are implementing double standards. they tell the masses not to wear masks, yet cops are given unlimited supplies of masks and sanitizers while the public is left with nothing. theres always a shortage of masks, toilet paper, gloves, ventilators, and healthcare, but theres never a shortage of cops. they have no test kits for you. you cant count on your flight departing, or the subway coming, but you can count on a cop passing through every 5 minutes to keep you in line..  just goes to show what the priorities are for the oligarks.

the west regularly accuses some countries of censorship, yet currently in the west, there seems to be an unusual silence when it comes to debating covid. is it a coincidence high profile youtubers have avoided talking about the subject, or has there a command been sent down from above? wheres the freedom of speech now?

why sensationalize 911, but trivialize covid?

back in febuary, the west, and their lackeys called china the sick man of asia, now whos the sick man?

now we come full circle.

did the initial outbreak even occur in china? many patients in lands far away, were swept away, and buried. officials made the claim they died from nemonia, or flu. people didnt think much of it at the time. the media claimed "it was just a bad flu season". many deaths were also said to have been a result of "vaping". it was not til months later when people began to suspect those initial deaths as being from covid. 

we know certain regimes are very careful and competent when it comes to protecting certain people. why is it that a government so careful in protecting its embasy staff are not so careful when dealing with ordinary folks? officials were seen telling people to not worry about it, and go eat at restraunts, even when they knew how serious it was. chrump even told the public that everyone could go back to work after easter. even as schools were shut down throughout the country, deblazio insisted schools remain open. which begs one to question, are they simply incompetent, or are they purposely allowing people to die? it's interesting to note that the west has long accused other countries of "killing their own people", but arent the accusers themselves now doing exactly that? certainly many things can be done better, such as leaving doors open, so people wont have to touch the door handle, or leaving windows open for better air flow. viruses are known to thrive in stagnant air. but this isnt really being done. in recent years, buses and trains have been designed with  windows that dont open, leading to, guess what? death. more recently bret cozier was fired from his job for bringing awareness to covid inside the military. so whats the solution here? not talk about it, so more people could get infected? isnt it interesting to note that the country who demands others be transparent is not transparent itself. oh how ironic. all those "international standards" just fly out the window.

even now, information regarding patient 0 is being hidden from the public

unless youre a conspiracy theorist, you wont even know about the group of yankee soldiers who complained about lung sickness in oct 2019.

there have been many conspiracy theories going around including on that claims the government is purposely killing people so they dont have to pay social security, or medicare, especially in countries with extensive social services.

although the first intended target of covid was china. it seems to have boomeranged back to its makers. and to the whole world's surprise, and maybe disapointment, china actually has it under control

(Opinions of the writer in this blog don't represent those of China Daily.)




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"this country concealed and mismanaged the initial outbreak, AND appears to continue to conceal and mismanage" The initial outbreak obviously occurred in China.

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      "this country concealed and mismanaged the initial outbreak, AND appears to continue to conceal and mismanage" The initial outbreak obviously occurred in China.

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