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Censorship Needed for Chinese Movies

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Haven't watched a movie in a year and this is the 2nd one I have seen lately...(the first one being the Amazon Spiderman 2 but there is nothing to write about for such a summer blockbuster....)

To be honest, I just came to see Karen Mok, as she was my teenage goddness.  She looks like that she hasn't aged at all, and with her eccentric mandrin and skinny-to-bones body type, she is perfect to perform someone who is mentally sick.  Sorry, I don't have any comment for Xuzheng, who I believe is a very good actor who can surely deliver a box office success beyong the reason I can apprehend.

The story is well told, nice and clean.  It's definitely one of the best Chinese movies in recent years, or should I say a decade.  The only thing I am discontent with is - why there is still no censorship mechanism for the Chinese films, after all these years.  I saw little children who were sitting in the front row, or the girls scared halfway to death....By US standards, I would say it's somewhere between PG13 and R.  Though it's a high-quality movie, it is not fit for the children, and the girls who think it's a romance.   I would say actually it's a horror, just without gruesome images that make it look like a thriller.  I seriously warn those people with a "fragile heart" who haven't seen it - think twice !

Nowadays we have more films on sreens every month and people need guidedance to decide which to watch.  Now the mindset of people in China is more open to the world and there is more sex or scary things that can be seen in the market.  You might say do your homework before go to the theater.  But doesn't have fun in a movie a spur of the moment thing ? 

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