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The watershed of life

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My life would be better, if I concerned more about the undisclosed information or private information. That makes me know that we are not equal to get the same information.
But how to collect information effectively? It seems like a bit difficult for me to improve my ability about it because China is a society where you get some undisclosed information by relative network. You need to be one member of that network, provide information for others and get information from them when you need. So I feel a little nevous about the situation, although in the future, when Chinese economy is strong enough, many problems we meet today would be solved.
Good luck to China, and then all offsprings in the mainland would be lucky.

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Reply Report kevinruud 2019-1-23 17:20
do you want to sell secret? profit is one side, the other side I think you know well.
Reply Report jie448 2019-1-23 21:50
kevinruud: do you want to sell secret? profit is one side, the other side I think you know well.
actually, many people know different big or small secrets, but even small secrets would be useful for  particular people.

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  • How to achieve the peak of my life 2019-2-13 17:27

    A good many students set specific goals and stick to them since day one at college, they clearly know what they are going to do with their life, and their tenacity in achieving what they envision for themselves is admirable. So goals are key to a fulfilling life.

  • How to achieve the peak of my life 2019-1-26 15:53

    kevinruud: It is yourself only that do not want to learn more because nobody stops you from learning new knowledge.
    of course, different persons will stop at different places

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