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Which kind of Chinese Amerikans are allowed to shine?

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We've all heard of Chinese sensorship. Now get a load of Amerikan  sensorship. If you are sober, well adjusted, and benevolent, chances are, as a Chinese Amerikan, you wont be showing up on any Amerikan venues any time soon. The reason for this is because the Amerikan oligarky likes to choose which Chinese Amerikans receive noteriety, and which ones don't. Needless to say, they aren't going to choose Chinese Amerikans that actually reflect the Chinese Amerikan community positively. Instead, who do they choose? Decadent guys with mental problems, who hate China of course. Who else?

We've done a case study to include 3 Chinese Amerikans. What are they  like? What is their story? And What purpose do they serve for the  Amerikan oligarky.

1) Kenneth Eng is a Chinese Amerikan with Honger background. He lives  in New York with his parents despite being in his 30's, claims to have  been bullied. He is single, capitalist, with far right views, mentally  unstable, and has been hospitalized for mental illness. Despite being  mentally ill, he is an alumni of NYU, and has achieved some level of  "academic success". He is known for praising south Korean alleged serial killer Cho Seung Hui. But he is perhaps best known for his racist posts on the internet,  most notably against blacks, In 2007, he was all over the internet, and made a fool out of.  In case you're wondering why Kenneth became famous. You guessed it.  He gets to drive a wedge in between the Black, and Chinese community. Right away you can tell his role.
 Kenneth once again made the news when he was arrested over disputes with his neighbors.

Here's Kenneth being interviewed on Fox television. As you can see from the interview, he does not make much sense, and is portrayed to be wacko, which he probably is, but nonetheless, out of all the Chinese Amerikans out there, they choose to throw him on TV, and give him all the attention.

2) Henry Cai aka TMS the decadent clown coincidentally lives in the same suburb as Kenneth. Cai was actually born in China proper, and did not  arrive in Amerika until age 10. He, also unmarried, has all the  dekadent features you would want in a Chinese Amerikan. He is sexist,  right wing, materialistic, and openly admits to drinking, doing drugs,  having sex with random people, and refers to women as biches. This man claims to be a Christian, yet he openly admits to having sex with women who he is not married to. Like  Kenneth, he was also bullied, has no real job, and admits to not  wanting to work conventional  jobs. He has dreams of becoming rich, and famous. He achieved noteriety on the internet. On his internet videos,  he discusses how Chinese people are racist towards blacks. Cai shares  many things in common with Kenneth. Cai has also been arrested, and hospitalized for mental illness. Unlike Kenneth, Cai actually has a following due to Cai's decadent values that made him popular to his limited audience. For Cai, not only does he drive a wedge in between the Black, and Chinese community, but he also helps to reinforce the stereotype (promoted by the western oligarky) that Chinese are greedy, and materialistic. Cai may be a pioneer in helping the oliarks create a new stereotype for Chinese as decadent, drugged out, and sleeping around.

This is the main video that is circulating of Cai.

3) Kenneth Eng II, the unmarried zougou is not related to the first one, but  coincidentally has the same name. He appears to be somewhat of a typical Chinese Amerikan with roots in Jiangmen. The father is a restraunt owner. Unsurprisingly, Kenneth II is also right wing, and strikes me as a bit of a house niga. In fact, he is so far to the right that his father claims to have had to "escape" China to get away from the "comunism". From what we can see, he is religious, and supersticious, typical of overseas Chinese "fleeing comunism". Kenneth II has no criminal background that we know of, plays the game of the establishment, and makes all the "politically correct" moves. He tries not to say anything "stuped", because he wants people to take him seriously when he sends his subliminal political message. He doesn't go into details about being bullied, because he is being potrayed as a "film maker", rather than a social outcast, as Cai, and Kenneth 1 are. Kenneth II is not as famous as the first one, but has some  presence online, and has a published video that has been promoted, and  publicized due to the political nature of it. The difference between Kenneth and the other two is that  Kenneth II does not appear to be as mentally ill as the other two. At  least the media does not portray him to be, but there may be a reason  for that. Kenneth II plays a slightly different role than the other  two. Instead of being ridiculed, the oligarks want you to take Kenneth  II seriously. The reason for this is, Kenneth II is a self proclaimed  "film maker". The only film perhaps that he is known for is My life in China. It's a movie about his father who returned to China after retirement. The film portrays China negatively, and claims his father "escaped comunism".

Here is Kenneth II promoting his "movie"

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Reply Report WENGEWANG 2018-10-16 14:52
i need to add something. the 2nd kenneth eng claims that his father was only able to find freedom by leaving china. does that sound like the most cliche psyop or what?

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