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How do you choose a pet clinic, private or public?

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With improved living standard, more and more people now keep pets and take their pet as family members, so the pets are commonly named companion animals. Pet owners would be willing to spend a large amount of money for pet’s health, especially when pets get ill. This situation has spawned the rapid development of both public and private pet clinics, which are different in some aspects, such as fees, service level and attitude. In this case, many people cannot figure out which kind of pet clinics should to choose. Here is some information about public and private pet clinics.

Let me first talk about public pet clinics. In Yangzhou, a relatively small city, there are about 20 places for pets to see the doctor. One big pet clinic is Yangzhou university pet clinic. It is publicly-owned. Vets here are professional lecturers in the university. The university provides graduates a chance to work during internship and thus, we can see a lot of interns there. I also visited the biggest pet clinic in China, which is China agricultural university pet clinic in Beijin. It just resembles the human hospitals, very specific and many vets. Lots of rooms like cashier, treatment room, surgical treatment, clinical laboratory, physical therapy room, check-up room and dentistry, etc. Sometimes, this clinic may need to diagnose over a hundred times a day.

Comparatively, many private pet clinics value pet grooming much more than treating. Vets there are young and inexperienced. They don’t do operations but some simple things like transfusion. This kind of pet clinics mainly do pet grooming, like pet shearing. They only offer few medicines. In some other cases, privately-owned pet clinics can be very professional, like Zhengzhou KangXu pet clinic. They have sound equipment and vets are skilled. I watched one whole big operation in this pet clinic. It lasted one hour. They have very strict rules in order to make sure every place needed is clean. Even people who don’t do operations but help have to wear surgical caps.

Another thing, the cost of the medicine or other pet supplies may differ from places to places. Public pet clinics may not be less expensive than private ones. I think the most decisive factor is the location of one pet clinics. Varied cities may charge differently. But the operating expenses depend highly on vets themselves. Experienced vets may probably charge more. If a pet clinic has a lot of different departments and there are many masterful vets, definitely, it will charge a lot.

Privately speaking, most publicly-owned pet clinics have very professional vets and complete equipment. Also, more people may prefer such public pet clinics with more authority. While some privately-owned pet clinics can be quite good at treatment indeed, but you need to choose since not all of them can be trusted. And generally, private pet clinics design more delicately and make pet owner feel warm and comfortable.

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