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College life meaningful together with challenges.

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Everyone ,before going to college will be told to enjoy your college life.It can benefit you a lot andif<div>you can manage it well it will change your life completely.I had no idea. before wen to college</div><div>due to unsatisfied results at college entrance examination.i therefore, have to choose</div><div>a vocational school to start my college's near my home too,each time it will only takes me four hours to get home.but truth be told,only twice a month will i. go home.because</div><div>i don't think college life &nbsp;is free time,at least not for me.compared with intelligent students,there</div><div>are still a great number of things waiting for me to do.i never regret,because i. have tried my</div><div>best to enter a better college.since i can't change it just let it go.It really different from my</div><div>senior high school study. on campus,all studies depend on yourself.It's a big</div><div>challenge for me to continue to immerge myself in study,noise from my roommats,and no specific</div><div>assignments distributed from my professors,made me lazy.which makes me hate myself .i decided to change myself,later i spent most of time at library. and classroom to focus on my major_english</div><div>all pains paied off,during this two years,my english level enhanced a lot i now can communicate with</div><div>foreigners confidently and fluently than before,although i will make some mistakes.i enjoy</div><div>the process talking with foreigners sharing each others' stories.therefore i decided to continue&nbsp;</div><div>my study and to meet more foreign friends and enjoy the happiness my major bings me.</div>

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  • do we really know ourselves? 2018-4-13 20:50

    yes i. am seeking for that wall to support me.thank you my friend

  • do we really know ourselves? 2018-4-12 11:36

    Yes you need to be protected by a wall for it to be possible for you to know your true self. Like in Oscar Wildes essay The Soul of a Man Under Socialism. But yeah I don't think many want to know really. The better job you get the less time it will take you to build your own wall - maybe that is a good way to think about your study. It would be nice to have parents or a government that gave you a wall wouldn't it. Even a small wall would be nice.

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