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After Iran lost to Japan at AFC Asian Cup

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Four web users of sports at expressed their opinions after Iran, the famed Persian warriors, lost 0:3 to Japan, the Blue Fighters at the 2019 Asian Football Confederation Asian Cup on January 28, 2019.


The people of Japan has owned the three strong points: 1. They dare face their own weaknesses and do what they can to change them; 2. They would learn from those who they think stronger than themselves, without any care about losing face; 3. They are good at making long-term plans, which they will carry out with perseverance until the goal is fulfilled.

As far as football is concerned, China has never had the above three points! What we try hard to do is blind formalism. Within the same period of 20 years and with the same weak foundation, Japanese football is the Meiji Reform repeated time and again right before our eyes, and what we do is repeating of the arrogant learning style of the former Great Qing Dynasty: We are a big country, we learn the skills of those foreigners only for the purpose of using them against them.

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It suddenly occurred to me that the Meiji Reform of Japan you mentioned does have some similarities with the reform carried out during the Qing Dynasty of China; that over more than a century, but the characteristics of both countries can still be revealed through the sports game of football. And now I can fully understand why the devils (nickname of Japanese) can fulfill their reform without any hindrance. I really don’t like Japanese, but there are still many good points of them for us to learn from. I hope our national football team can learn from them with respect and modesty to outdo them in future.


Good analysis. Chinese national football team hasn’t had real progress for too long, they are really the shame of the country.

Fan of Fishing:

My view on the semi-final of Iran and Japan: Iran look like strong bulls, and Japan smart monkeys. Iranians players are at least two size larger than Japanese ones, but the smaller ones could play the bigger ones with ease, with the latter unable to take advantage of their force. The tactics of Japan fully represent the direction of development of East Asia, which will provide good approaches to deal with teams with strong physics such as Iran, Australia in Asia, and Germany, Denmark, England in a bigger landscape. However, all of these must be based on the competent human resources of the game. It is really an enjoyment to see the precise passing of ball and the teamwork in high speed running and the fierce struggling! But looking back to our national team, it is an ordeal to see their clumsiness! No basic action of controlling the ball, such as stopping, dribbling, passing and header, is qualifying, and there is no idea in their heads, then why is there a surprise to see them defeated? In a word, many of the so-called “national footballers” are not qualified for playing football, because they do not have the awareness and intelligence of football, so you must be a fool to ask them to deliver good performance in the field! Without changing the system for talent selection, without making a total change of our existing system of football, the undertaking of football in our country will not have hopes!

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