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Public Library I stayed in

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A couple of days ago I went to the provincial level public library near my home. The library has made itself reconstructed and reopened to the outside world again, so I was very interested to have a look and also checked the new magazines on which there might be articles written by me.
The ground floor and the next floors used for usual reading rooms and rooms of self-study were full of readers or people who looked like high school students, so I went to the newly finished section where my target was supposed to be.
But the arrows giving directions were so confusing that I went into a reading room that turned out to be a latrine. I then found my way out and followed the signs again but this time I found myself stuck in a lift, which stood still after I pressed the button several times. I had to go out and asked a cleaning woman what the matter was.
She looked at me from head to toe thinking I was one of the many county fellows who went into town looking for fun on weekends, then said slowly, "Here is the floor you press the button, so of course it doesn't move." I could clearly percept her trying to cut the rough words like "F***" or "S***".
"But the arrow showes that I should go down to reach the room," I retorted.
Then she turned her back and left me there thinking of the science behind this puzzle.
I groped my way for a while and then reached a door through which I saw the desks and chairs and bookshelves. Looking around, I did not see anybody so I went inside.
Then I heard a voice calling, "Hey, handsome boy, come here!" Knowing that I was no more a handsome boy, I did not give a damn and moved forward. But the voice again shouted, "Hey, you, the boy there, come here, that is not the place for you!"
This time I realized it was me the voice was addressing. So I looked around and saw two women sitting behind a desk near a door twenty meters from me. It looked like the reading room was divided but no partition was set, so that explained why I got through an unguarded doorway a moment before.
"I am sorry I didn't see any workmen here just now," said I.
"That's fine, but you can't come in with your bag," said one of the ladies.
"I didn't mean to, but I did not see any notice or sign that does not allow me to do that."
"Yes, there is, go out and see on the wall, and put your bag into a storeage box outside."
"OK, I just want to know whether there is a magazine XXX here..."
"Get out and leave your bag there."
"What is the point I put my bag there if you do not have the magazine I want?"
They became uneasy, I could see that the big, spacious, and well-lit new reading room had no  readers other than me and the two librarians. Perhaps I had interruppted their nice talking about the TV dramas they saw last night or about the stock exchanges they speculated.
So I left without any other words and also found that my bag could not be put into the box even if I wanted to due to the size difference.
This part of public library is also one of the wasteful resources consuming taxpayer's money because few people go there reading the books there.

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  • Half a Day in a Library 2019-4-13 11:20

    Well, your nephew apparently had a good time.

  • I am confused and unable to solve the problem 2019-4-4 17:03

    voice_cd: Well, he doesn't look like he has any development problem. Give him some time and I believe he will catch up. Thanks for sharing your story.
    Seldom do I visit this section of the forum, where there are so many interesting stories that can be shared with many other China Daily website visitors. However, the front page of the section seems to have been frozen, with some of the authors fixed there, leaving the impression that there is no change at all inside. So it is necessary for the admin to do something.

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