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Problem of China's Universities

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If you ever study in a university you are not stranger to the long queues that line before the library for a seat inside.
But acutally when the students, the majority of the component of the long line, get into the spacious library, usually the landmark building of the very college, they do not ask for books stored in the library, but try to occupy vacant seats as long as possible so that they can review their lessons, or play with their cell phones conveniently there.
As a result, a library in colleges is divided into two parts,  with one being a warehouse of books under the care of some staff members who are usually the family members or connection of the teaching staff(because such librarians do not need any professional skills or knowledge and it is good to have them work near their family to settle any problems that may relate to concern of the teaching staff); the other being a big reading room and room of multifunctions for anybody who can get a seat.
However, a library is something very useful in the study of a college student, playing a role not less than a laboratary or a gymnasium in developing the whole quality of a student.
It is really a waste of resources.

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Reply Report kevinruud 2019-1-26 11:19
For any elementary or secondary schools, there must be enough seats for all the students. But in a college, it seems you as a student can do it yourself when looking for a seat. Dorms are not the place for study because there are too many distractions happening. But the school authority will not care as long as you have made the payment for tuition.

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    Well, your nephew apparently had a good time.

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