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Today I learned the news that one member of Democratic Party who is also a congresswoman will join the battle for next presidency of the United States. But with her predecessor Hilary Clinton losing a few years back without really knowing the reason, her efforts to challenge the billionaire are most probably brushed aside into the waste basket.

That also reminds me the local election in my neighborhood a while back. When there were two candidates given on the public notice and on the vote, some unintelligent guys still wanted to make a challenge to the authority. So a new name of candidate was provided when the workmen collecting the votes from the box began to announce the result. The man got only two votes, yes, but he became a laughing stock, because everybody knew one vote was from himself, the other from his dear wife.

I myself as a legal voter, also did some trick or had some fun by proposing a new candidate on my vote ticket, who was currently on penalty term but still qualifying to be nominated. She was also made fun of after the event, but she was innocent.

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Reply Report kevinruud 2019-1-13 23:12
Though we all know we are unable to change the outcome, we can always add some spice to our boring life.

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