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from the day the internet opened, we cant go online one day without being bombarded by pro western psyops. it's hard to accept these messages as anything but a psyop as it completely portrays the west in unrealisticly positives way. lets disect these psyops to find out whether theres any truth to them.

the ClA and their shils claim that amerikans love freedom. it's not just the ClA though. many amerikans really believe theyre free, but how true is this?

virtues such as bravery, freedom, and hard work are not unique to amerika, or the west. nor does it reflect the leadership in amerika.

while it is true that the best amerikans do poses virtues, the majority of those in power do not. even someone like a school teacher in amerika is unlikely to poses any virtues. in fact, the closer you are to the ruling class, the less virtues you will have. amerikan cops, boy scout troop leaders, actors, musicians, directors, military officers, school principals, lawyers, judges, managers, coordinators, politicians, board of directors are very unlikely to poses virtues.

rather than accept the maximum possible freedom to pursue happiness, it appears that theyre willing to accept the bare minimum. anyone who has observed amerika from the 70s to today can see freedom being taken away drastically. the first phase of authoritarienism was during the regan rejime. during this period, the prison population almost doubled. people were being thrown into prison wholesale like never before, not only in amerikan history, but human history. the second wave of authoritarienism came after 911.

freedom is not exceptional to amerika

with "freedom" like that, who needs authoritarienism. after 911, amerikans have shown that they are willing to accept authoritarienism just like any other nationality and bow down to authority. amerikan airport "security", and airline regulations set the standard for worldwide authoritarienism. all these ridiculously totalitarien practices like banning water on flights were started by amerika. amerika is also behind other dodgy practices such as biometrics, and retna scans. oh, and they demand all passenger lists for all flights around the world. yes, thats how much they love "freedom". they love it so much that they need to infringe on the rights of everyone esle. go to any amerikan embasy in the world, and you can see how much they love "freedom". all the barbed wire fences, security guards armed with machine guns, and cctv cameras should serve as a reminder of just how much they love freedom. amerikan embasys look more like concentration camps than embasys. the fact that amerikan embasys are fortified tells us that amerika tyranized, subjugated, and enslaved their fair share of people. if you were out doing wonderful things for the world, your embasys wouldnt be fortified as the masses would have nothing but love for amerika.

amerika also has the most prisoners in the world. not only that, amerika has locked up the most people ever in human history. so much so, that amerika has 6 times the number of prisoners of china per capita. not only that, anglo countries have a tendency of locking people up more than countries across the world.

oh but amerika does trample on the rights of others. 1/3 of all black men in amerika will go to prison at some point in their life. in nyc, where they have stop and frisk practices, blacks, and hispanics are stopped disproportionately, and have been the majority of the victims of police, despite being minorities in the population at large.

in europe, they have recently banned the burka. obviously these westerners arent as free as they think they are. in case you are wondering what europe has to do with amerika, they share the same brain. nothing major happens in europe without amerikan approval. in fact, nothing major happens in tw, hk, singapore, south korea, and japan without approval from their amerikan masters.

myth: amerikians are fearless

amerikans are not that fearless loud or clear, particularly when it comes to criticizing juz. no one in mainstream amerika has been "fearless" enough to praise comunism. certainly, its politcally incorrect to praise comunism, criticize juz, and criticize us trups for killing innocent people. when was the last time you heard anyone with influence ctiticize us trupz for agresion. never, because its politicaly incorect.
the truth of the matter is, they only speak their mind if their thoughts are in line with the ruling class elite. if theyir thoughts happen to conflict with the ruling class elite, then 99% of amerikans know to keep their mouth shut, especially those with good jobs, because they dont want to risk losing whatever they have. if you're a known actor and have a problem with amerikan inperialism, then you will be silenced. if youre an internet blogger with more than 1000 audience, then you better say what is politcally correct, otherwise you will have your page, and account shut down.
the reason why facebuk, twiter, instagram, and youtube is controled so strictly is precisely to silence anyone who disagrees with the status quo. thats why you are seeing facebuk forcing users to upload their id, and pictures, specifically so the us goverment knows who to arest when you say something politcaly incorekt.

myth: amerikans are brave

i havent noticed amerikans being braver than anyone else. there are many other countries that come to mind when it comes to bravery. like china during the 60s. they truly fit the description of saying what they believed in the face of danger, certainty of opposition and painful consequences. they faced resistance and overcame it. today's north korea also fits that description to a lesser degree, but still nonetheless, they are brave for not cowing down by intinidation, threats or fear of punitive consequences. if you believe that amerikans are brave, bring me some examples that werent staged.

here's a video that isnt staged featuring an amerikan man being beaten inside a pizza shop. notice how everyone stands there and does not help the victim. also notice how scared everyone is.

myth: amerikans are Willing to fight for what they believe is their right or against being tyrannized or subjugated: They cannot tolerate living a life of being enslaved.

while amerikans do have a willingness to fight for what they believe is their right or against being tyrannized or subjugated; cannot tolerate living a life of being enslaved, they are also known for tyranizing, subjucating, and enslaving others. what is much more believable is that the people fighting against amerika are often the ones who are trying not to be tyranized, subjugated, and enslaved by amerikan corporations. none of the amerikan wars can be justified including korea, vietnam, syria, iraq, lybia, and afganistan. libya had one of the highest standards of living in the world under colonel gadafi, and now after the us led invasion, amerikan inperialism has tyranized, and subjugated lybia. what else can we call what they did in iraq, and afganistan.

myth: amerikans are honest and straight fwd

while some amerikan people may be honest and straight fwd, the oligarky is far from it. instead, youll find the amerikan oligarky uses deception more often than not. some of the deceptive slogans and campaigns they use is "climate change"; "cyber security"; and "anti terorism". of course their agenda has nothing to do with climate change, cyber security, or fighting terorism. they cant be honest about anything, and thats why it;s difficult to believe anything coming from the amerikan, and western oligarky. if you read the news regarding climate change, cyber security, and anti terorism, you will be more confused than you originally were. the oligarky does nothing to explain what is really going on. once again, the closer you get to the elite, the more deceptive things will be. that's why when you read press releases for corporation, it's filled with deceptive wording that ordinary people dont understand. it;s also this dishonesty, and lack of transparency that makes me believe the west to be undemacratic.

one thing that i noticed that was is dishonest and deceptive about amerika and the west in general was their resumes, or cv's. in fact, westerners are so dishonest that most of the time, you cant even figure out what someone does by looking at their resumes because it's filled with so much deception, and nonsense that you simply cant tell. if they were straight forward, they would simply write what they did at their job, but since westerners are so concerned about impressing people and making themselves out to be more important than they are, they make up these ridiculous resumes. in the west, people even hire people to write their resumes making themselves even more phony than they already are. sometimes i wonder how anything even gets done in the west given the kind of bs they all put out.

did i mention that many people in the west actually make fake resumes and even include things that theyve never done. the one person that stood out to me was the admissions dean of mit. she wasnt even a college graduate, and somehow bs'd her way to the top, claiming all kinds of things in her resume. so much for working your way up. i think i will post the article about this woman in another blog.

some people can pull off lying, and do their job well, but what about all those who dont? if you lie about your credentials, then once you start your job, you will have difficulty. in those kinds of situations, you will just waste everyones time.

come to think of it, i dont think ive ever seen a resume and cv in the west that was honest and straight forward

myth: amerikans are accepting of imperfection

if amerikans were so accepting of imperfect humans, then why are they always getting plastic surgery, and wearing make up. one thing that stands out with westerners is how they love to wear perfume. please accept your imperfections and stop spraying yourself with perfume. often times, you walk by these western women, and you smell their perfume 100 meters later. thats a bit extreme dont you think? and why is it that amerikan women wear make up so much more than chinese women? seems to me like chinese people accept imperfections alot more. if you look at all the pupet rejimes of the west, they are also obsesed with their appearance. just compare north korea to south korea, and see that the western led south korea is obsesed with their looks while north koreans are much more accepting of their natural appearance. amerika is also at the center of beauty pagents. they love perfection, and put the spotlight on perfection. thats why theres so much pressure for amerikan women to be skinny, and thats why anorexia, and bulemia is such a huge problem in amerika because all these fat women try so hard to be skinny. they want to be accepted in a society that idolizes perfection, or what they perceive to be perfect. men too cant escape this. so many men, and teenage boys are on steroids in amerika because they want to look muscular and masculine, while this problem is much less of a problem in the 3 world. in some amerikan neighborhoods, the neighbors complain if you dont make your yard look good enough. these people certainly will not accept your imperfections. its probably one of the only countries in the world to be this intrusive. amerikans are so obsesed with perfection, and racism that most actors in hollywood actually have to change their name if they have ethnic names. thats right, hollywood actors have to change their names because amerikans are so intolerant of foreign names and cultures. charlie sheen changed his name from carlos estevez because of the anti hispanic movement in amerika. tina fey was born as Elizabeth Stamatina Fey. friends actor jennife aniston's real name is Anatassakis. ben kingsley had to change his name from Krishna Pandit Bhanji  to please the indian haters in the west. the truth of the matter is, you have to fit a very strict profile to be accepted in amerika, and the west. westerners are very quick to reject people for the most trivial reasons. from the time amerikans are in school, amerikans have to conform and submit in order to fit in. if the society was accepting of imperfections, people wouldnt have to act a certain way, or talk a certain way to fit in. in fact, you have many many amerikan teenagers who drink, do drugs, and smoke just to fit in. it's also rather unfortunate that many amerikan teenage girls feel the need to dress sluty in order to be accepted. whats even more unfortunate is that this actually continues into adulthood.

perhaps one of the worst things about amerika is the bullying culture, where kids are bullied for a variety of reasons. some are bullied for the way they talk, some are bullied for the way they look. in most cases, most amerikans just accept this culture, and seldomly step in to defend the weak, and those who are being picked on. today it is cool to be gay, but for most of amerikan history, gays have been picked on and bullied in very violent ways. there was a very high profile case where an indian man was pushed into the subway. i think i might post a blog about that as well, but this indian man was pushed into the subway by an amerikan racist only because he appeared to be indian, and no other reason. thats right ladies and gentlemen. this is the side of amerika no one wants to talk about but is much more closer to reality than some disney fairy tale.

furthermore, amerikans do not forgive people who make mistakes. when you apply for a job in amerika, they ask you if youve ever comited a crime, and if you do, you will probably be disqualified for the job. there are many jobs that dont accept anyone with a criminal record. criminals are also disqualified from voting. again, this doesnt sound like a society that is accepting of past mistakes. sex offenders are also forced to register on a list, and this list is publicly listed for life. they never allow you to forget your mistakes. amerika also has a habit of listing peoples criminal records online. theres a website called where the us rejime lists all the mugshots of anyone whos arrested, REGARDLESS of whether or not theyre found guilty. thats right, even if you are arrested and found innocent, your photo and arrest record will still show up online for the entire world to see. the worst thing about these mugshot websites is you can get your photo removed from the site if you pay them upwards of $200. that shows the worst side of kapitalism. if you dont want to be humiliated then pay up. if you cant afford to pay, then you deserve to be humiliated. yep, thats the kapitalist way isnt it? be punished for being poor. not only does the us rejime not forgive you for your mistakes, they also want to humiliate you. if you happen to be a criminal, and there are MANY in amerika, then you will find it very hard to start over. you may not even be able to face your neighbor, because they probably know your criminal past from the internet. this affects MANY people in amerika as amerika has the highest prison population in the world, and their culture of shaming affects millions each year.

myth: amerikans are intelligent. this rumor goes around all over the world, particularly in places like hk, and tw

here;s a reason why amerikan's arent as intelligent as their psyops claim. most amerikan engineers are actually foreigners. if amerikans are so intelligent, then why hire foreign engineers? the truth of the matter is, amerika prospers as a result of brain draining the 3 world. if you observe phd students in amerika, you;ll also notice a high % of foreigners, asians in particular. in some amerikan towns, you;ll notice there are huge amounts of indian doctors, sometimes as high as 60%. one of the reasons why amerika is so successful is largely owed to foreigners. in fact, foreigners outscore amerikans on a regular basis on their own tests. amerikans are also not very interested in education. most amerikan students would rather spend their time playing sports, getting drunk, or getting high instead of studying, especially when compared to asians.

myth: amerikans are  Irreverent and Humorous

status is very important in amerika, and the west. anyone who lived through the kultural revalution knows this. during china's kultural revalution, there was no ranks, and titles. they did away with it entirely. officers, and soldiers ate the same food. now thats is not being impressed by ranks and titles, but the us has always held titles, and ranks in high esteem, and thats one of the biggest problems with amerika, and the west in general. it's also what makes the west very undemacratic. kapitalism by default is heavily stratified to ensure that the masses are kept out of the decision making proces, and the entire show is run by an oligarky. not only is amerika heavily stratified by all the rejimes they support are heavily stratified. for example, in japan, and taewan, people are obsesed with status. if amerika didnt care about titles, rank or wealth, then they wouldnt back rejimes that do. rich people also have way more influence in amerika, the west, and all kapitalist rejimes. one rich person can easily have more influence than 1000 poor people. this is the core of kapitalism, and if amerikans werent impressed by wealth, they would have done away with kapitalism entirely.

myth: amerikans are the biggest and best

being the best and the biggest at what cost? often times, amerikans are caught sabotaging other countries because other countries have a potential of being bigger, and better than amerika. if a country were to come out with a computer that was better than the best amerikan computer, you can bet that the ClA is going to come after you. in fact, it's not uncommon for the ClA to blow up planes where there are advanced foreign scientists aboard. the reason why this is done is to prevent someone else from catching up to amerikan technology. the truth of the matter is, amerika keeps others behind through violence and intimidation. amerika is also able to absorb the best talents from around the world by creating teror and chaos around the world, thereby forcing talent from fleeing their homelands for amerika. amerika also creates illusions of being the best. take iphone for example. they got tons of shils all over the internet claiming that iphone is the best, but is it really? i can look at several faults of the iphone that are inferior to much cheaper phones. battery life. the iphone has a much weaker battery life than many of their competitors such as oppo, vivo, gionee, xiaomi, huawei, meizu, and many more. iphone 7 has under 2000mah while $120 chinese phones are offering 4000mah.  ram- iphone actually has much smaller ram capacity than the same phones listed before. there are many chinese phonese with 4gb of ram, while iphone only has 2.  memory card- many of the cheap chinese phones have memory cards where memory cards of over 64gb can be inserted. this cant be done on the iphone, and has never been possible. removable battery- iphone never allowed removable batteries. on the other hand, many cheap chinese phones allow this. sim card- you need a tool to remove the sim card. most chinese phones dont require a tool to remove the sim card. it is very inconvenient when you want to switch sim cards, and you cant do it by hand, and must use a tool. now we can see that iphone isnt the best, but amerikan backed shils will try to present iphone as the best. so what else are amerikan shils lying about? are they really the best at anything? it's hard to say. i dont doubt that amerika is leading in many fields, but to believe that theyre the best is a different story. also, to brain drain all those countries and still not be leading would really be pathetic.

myth: Hardworking, resilient from failures and working smart: The best of the Americans can patiently work their own way up, without resenting someone else who has honestly succeeded or done very well, ahead of themselves. They try to learn and work smart themselves. They take credit and blame individually in many situations.

people in many countries across the world are more hard working. in china, most people are working saturdays too. most amerikans dont work on saturdays. chinese people also work much longer hours. if amerikans were hard working, they wouldnt have enslaved afrikans to work for them. the afrikan amerikans that we see today are descendants of those slaves. while many spin doctors like to say that amerikans work their way up, the reality is, amerikans are more often than not getting to the top through connections and deception. many amerikans at the top have been found to fake their resumes, and get jobs through family members, and or connections. just as in other countries, the best people for the job arent in the job. instead, you have incompetent people working at jobs.

if you really wanted to see hard working, you should have went to china during the 60s, where people were working hard, and putting in over time. they werent even doing it for money, because at the time, people worked hard for the greater good of society, and not for money as they do in kapitalist countries. what is unfortunate about people in kapitalist societies is that they work only for money, and if they werent rewarded with money, they would stop working.

something that is unique to amerika and western countries is they like to blame others for their failures. when amerikans cant find a job, they blame hispanics for "stealing their jobs". chrump, and other tea party fanatics will also blame china for their economic failures. if im not mistaken, there was a chinese man who was beaten to death by white amerikans because the white amerikans lost their jobs during the 80s. if im not mistaken, the victims name was vincent chin. europeans have the same problem, and they tend to blame muslims for everything. in the third world, people have a tendency of not blaming others for their failures, and just accept their circumstance. in fact, the west has started an entire anti immigration movement out of resentment.

my findings is that none of the psyops are true. while there may be some people in amerika and the west who fit that description, it by no means reflects western society as a whole.

(Opinions of the writer in this blog don't represent those of China Daily.)




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