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We shall address the issue of the western media bias today, because the western media has a totalitarien diktatorship over worldwide media. yes, the chinese media is also biased, but they are irrelevant in the rest of the world. so today we will focus on the western media use of double standards.

Have you ever noticed that the politicians in hong kong who are sympathetic towards the central goverment are known as pro-beijing? I am not arguing that these politicians arent pro beijing. they probably are, but politicians recieving funding from the west are never refered to as pro western, even though they are coached on what to say by western ngo's. they are most likely reading from scripts prepared by the ClA; and have intimate relations with western inteligence agencies. yet these compradores are simply refered to as "pan demacrats", despite having a long trail that leads back to the west. is the west trying to hide the fact that these so called "demacrats" are propped up by the west?
not only that, they are labeled as "pan demacrat" by the corporate media without being able to prove that they have any traits of being demacratic. in order to classify as demacratic, you must oppose inperialism, and multinational corperations, while representing the working class, but these "pan demacrats" have it backwards. as far as we can see, "pan demacrats" have no opposition towards inperialism, no opposition to foreign multinational corporations, and the bourgoisie in general. so what is it that makes them demacratic? from what the public can see, the "pan demacrats" sympathies lie with corporations, and inperialism, something that is very anti demacratic, showing the deceptive nature of western corporate media, and their stooges. the so called "pan demacrats" look like spokesmen for foreign multinational corporations, and inperialists. most of these "pan demacrats" are more likely to be seen having dinner with bourgeoisie, and inperialists, than the proletariat, or working class. they're more concerned about buying iphones than they are the liberation, or well being of the masses. whats even worse is that most of the "pan demacrats" are waving british flags. since when does anyone remotely demacratic wave around british flags? particularly considering that britain was, and is one of the worst inperialists. in fact, britain is at the forefront of sabatoging demacracy around the world and is known to asasinate those who advocate independence from neo inperialism. so what is it that makes them "demacrats"? probably nothing. this is why the word demacracy has very deceptive meanings in the media. in fact, being demakratic has come to mean you are being favored by inperialism, and if you are favored by inperialism, you're very unlikely to be demacratic. i may be wrong, but as far as i know, inperialists have never supported demacracy and have always violently opposed it.

if we look at the ukraine, we see a similar situation. the rebels are now refered to as being pro russian, but if you noticed before the maidan, the rebels were never refered to being pro western, or pro amerikan, despite the funding they received from the west. yet as soon as the pro western forces seized control, the ones who opposed them were now automatically labeled as pro russian. now, i am not debating whether russia is backing these rebels or not, but i am quite certain that the original rebels from the right sector and so on were pro western. even if they werent pro western, it's likely they received funding, and training from the west. in fact, the situation is the same in hk, and the ukraine, and many of these, if not most of the pro western politicians, have citizenship in the west, therefore it is entirely likely that their loyalties lie in the west, and not with the ukraine, or hk.

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