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(Character Review Series 9)Ginny Weasly

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Ginny Weasly
By Wang Yifei (王怡菲), a 7th grader Zhengzhou Middle School
    Now I come to think of it, it has been two years since I finished reading Harry Potter and I should be reading it again since I kind of forgot some of the details which is totally not tolerable. 
    So, despite of my busy working schedule, I managed to find time to squeeze seven heavy books into my daily life. Flipping through the pages, years of life flow away. As I began to drown myself once more into those fascinating pages of the most wonderful story I’ve ever read, I noticed a character that I had consciously ignored earlier, and that character is Ginny Weasly. 
    The reason why I ignored her earlier was that I don’t think she really matched with Harry Potter and due to my liking of the main character, she was shunted aside because she got married with him. Sounds pretty amusing, huh, but that’s how my mind works.
    Anyway, as I was determined to see everyone from a new angel, I found that Ginny could be charming and intelligent in many ways. And now, let me reveal it to you. 
    Ginny had been crushing on Harry Potter when they first met, and she had been acting like a little girl. Well she was fairly young, and then she began to have a crush on Harry Potter, but Harry never really considered her because he was busy crushing on other girls. Ginny was like this poor little girl that was walking behind Harry in the corridors and hall ways, sit across of him on lunch table, staring at Harry when he was not looking. This is cute, really. How could a girl change herself when a boy wants her to?
    And days just passed by, the relationship between her and Harry Potter got stranger because Ginny couldn’t even speak a full sentence in front of Harry. Then there was Hermione, she stepped in and told Ginny and she had to be confident in order to won Harry Potter’s heart, and she had to be more out going and put Harry aside for a while and see what happens.
    Ginny listened to her advise and really began be more confident. And she got lots of boyfriends and lots of boys had a crush on her since she was really pretty, but she never gave up on Harry. That also reminds me of something, a poem in ancient China, Dang dynasty describe true love like this: “If you really love each other, then it can not be destroyed or forgotten in a matter of days.”
    Which means, if you love, you have to let go. Because if you guys really meant for each other, there is nothing to stop you guys. And that’s what exactly happened to Ginny and Harry. Harry was always having crush on other girls and he ignored  his true love that’s right beside him. When he finally realized that he loved Ginny, he was afraid to be too late, but since Ginny had never actually forgotten about Harry, they became together in the end.
    Not only did I learn that Ginny was a very smart girl, I mean of course she is. She is the best chaser and she was a excellent seeker too. She might not be so good on her school work, but she was brave enough and smart enough to blast half of the department of mysteries out of the way. She would do anything for Harry.
    I also learned determination from Ginny. If you think what is right, then you should work hard to achieve your goals even if it seems impossible. The things is, on many occasions, we haven’t even tried before denying ourselves from it. This is an very irresponsible act not only to ourselves but to those who we love as well.
    Hardships could appear at every corner and on every street. What we need to do is to face them standing bravely and watching them with calm eyes then think of a solution. We can not let our hopes die in the waves of disappointment. We should be like Ginny, she got what she wanted because she was brave enough to pursuit what she love and she had done it in the end.
    We should all be perseverance, because this is essential to achieve our goals. No matter if its in love affairs or in our daily life, we should never give up on our hopes. In the end, I’m sure there will be an “Happy ever after all” ending waiting right there just for you. 
(776 words)

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  • A Bookworm’ Complaint 2018-8-10 16:56

    My daughter is 11 and she is a real bookworm too, just like you. She is fluent in three languages but she doesn't write as eloquent as you in any of them. Bravo.

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