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Trump is Under the Cosh

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  Having issued a travel ban  from the European Union with a view to keeping visitors from Europe at bay, President Trump and his put-upon patsies like Mark Levin are playing the blame game over the the origin of the covid-19 pandemic. For good measure, they seem to be going the extra mile to pin blame on China for trying to blarney and even jawbone most American news outlets into buying into what they call Chinese propaganda. 

  Such moves have provoked a backlash against Trump as more and more celebs join the bandwagon of  clapping  back at Trump's racist comment after Trump called covid-19 the Chinese virus. Katie Leung, who played the role of Cho Chang in the Harry Potter film series, excoriated Trump for being a racist on Twitter, and even used an obnoxious  Irish slang term  to describe Trump's conduct. " Kiss my arse you racist gobshite," She tweeted. Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of Vogue, was rankled by Trump's invective against foreign nations as well. She posted an article on Vogue's website, in which she explained why would she decide to vote for Joe Biden.

   "Like everyone else, I have been experiencing this COVID-19 crisis as a series of hurtling developments, where one never knows quite what each new day will bring. Through it all one fact, however, remains stubbornly unchanged: President Trump. I, like so many of us, have been appalled by how he has responded to the pandemic—the optimistic and fact-free assurances that all will be fine, the chaotic implementation of travel bans and claims about a “foreign virus,” the narcissistic ease with which he has passed blame to others, his dishonesty with the American people, and worst of all, his shocking lack of empathy and compassion for those who are suffering and fearful. Meanwhile, his administration has been unforgivably slow to provide testing, and to mobilize treatment to all who will need it. These weeks have been a reminder—as if we needed a reminder—that America must choose a new president. And it is my belief that we should choose Vice President Joe Biden. I have been impressed with the wider field of Democratic candidates this primary season, but after Biden’s decisive victories on Super Tuesday, I, like so many Americans, made up my mind to rally behind the Vice President. He is unmistakably a man of character and has so many qualities that we are in desperately short supply of in Washington right now: decency, honor, compassion, trustworthiness, and best of all experience. I know that we will get through COVID-19, but on the other side more challenges await—not the least of which is grappling with our ongoing climate crisis. We must choose a president who is ready to govern, who understands how to get results out of Congress, and who can set this country on a path to sustainability. And what a relief it will be to have a president who puts the well-being of others before his own, who doesn’t constantly think of himself first. For all these reasons, I look forward to casting my ballot in November for Joe Biden—together with whatever running mate he chooses (and he has wisely committed to choosing a woman). I am confident she will be qualified and equipped with the experience that Biden knows—as well as anyone—is required for the job," Anna Wintour writes.

  Most top-tier American publications like The New Yorker and The Atlantic seem to take the same stance: their writers are no slouch at exposing Trump and his lickspittles' biases and abuses of power, arguing that America needs a benevolent leader willing to rub shoulders with the needy than an actor like Trump, who is a dab hand at selling political snake oil on stage and Fox News.

  Either way, I wouldn't be surprised to see Trump  kiss up to his followers and act like a bootlicker in the next few months in his quest to get reelected. Katie Leung  for that reason, may have a shot at hoodwinking Trump into licking her boots by telling Trump-who is said to have been a fob who pines for the totty- that she is going to vote for Him. 

  Too bad  that Katie Leung was born in Scotland.

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    • Hebe is Wrong 2020-4-30 20:04

      By the way, his former girlfriend was born in mainland China.

    • Hebe is Wrong 2020-4-30 19:39

      I'm just embittered by the way snotty Taiwanese celebs treat Show Lo's former girlfriend, who is said to have helped Show Lo build a successful career in mainland China. One of the friends of Show Lo in Taiwan reproved his former girlfriend when asked to make comments on this scandal, saying "she shouldn't have done this because it would scupper Show Lo's chance of making money in mainland China." Jacky Wu, another TV host in Taiwan,  held the same view during an interview, arguing that Show Lo is just a roistering boy who wants to have some fun. And another female lawyer in Taiwan even rubbished Show Lo's former girlfriend, calling her a capricious lover. "A girl shouldn't treat her former boyfriend like this even she has been betrayed," exclaims this female lawyer in Taiwan.

        I don't know what's wrong with their brains. Another irreverent  shrink living in Taiwan even called Show Lo a romantic figure who bonds with lasses, suggesting that he is a sentimental sort like  Byron.

        It's such disgusting for them to chafe at a doughty girl trying to tell the public that her former boyfriend is just another follower of Harvey Weinstein, who used his power to ravish young actresses in America. And it's decidedly absurd for them to claim that people should give Show Lo another chance to appear on mainland TV shows, allowing for the fact that such insolent sorts living in Taiwan don't even respect girls living in mainland.

        In any event, I'd argue that mainland should bar such celebrities from appearing on TV shows in mainland China. We don't need more dandies like Show Lo showing boys and men how to cavort with girls without marrying them. We should exalt the notion that only true love brings happiness instead.

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