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  Emily Tamkin , an American journalist who just joined the New Statesman as its new America editor, lit into president Trump yesterday,  calling Trump a slowpoke or ignoramus when it comes to coping with  a pandemic.

  Irked by Trump's  lackadaisical attitude and  his reluctance to admit that the Covid-19 pandemic is a serious threat facing every American, Emily Tamkin  doesn't mince words in her new column, arguing that Trump's patronage network is doing a disservice to the American people.

  "Trump is not a president doing his best with a bad system and a worsening situation; he is actively making a bad system in a bad situation worse," Emily Tamkin  writes.

  By contrast,  Peggy Noonan, who is a consevative columnist writing  for The Wall Street Journal's opinion page, which has been Trump's fervent tub-thumper, struck a conciliatory tone  when it comes to bleating about Trump's handling of Covid-19- some liberals would prefer to use the word bungling- in her own column published by the Journal last week. Peggy Noonan opines that " a crisis calls for reason and realism, not ‘an abundance of caution."  

  "Don’t panic,” in the current atmosphere, is a way of shutting up people who are using their imaginations as a protective tool. It’s an implication of cowardice by cowards. As for abundance of caution,” at this point, in a world-wide crisis, the cautions we must take aren’t abundant, they’re reasonable and realistic. Reason and realism are good,"  she writes.

  Fox News, which is widely seen as the mouthpiece of Trump's Republican party, is also loth to apportion blame, in spite of its decision to remove Trish Regan from prime-time slot after she lashed out at Trump's critics for being agitators.  Trish Regan reportedly said that fears of Covid-19 have been amplified by Trump's critics.

  When was the last time Trish Regan washed her gob?  Arghhh!

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    • Hebe is Wrong 2020-4-30 20:04

      By the way, his former girlfriend was born in mainland China.

    • Hebe is Wrong 2020-4-30 19:39

      I'm just embittered by the way snotty Taiwanese celebs treat Show Lo's former girlfriend, who is said to have helped Show Lo build a successful career in mainland China. One of the friends of Show Lo in Taiwan reproved his former girlfriend when asked to make comments on this scandal, saying "she shouldn't have done this because it would scupper Show Lo's chance of making money in mainland China." Jacky Wu, another TV host in Taiwan,  held the same view during an interview, arguing that Show Lo is just a roistering boy who wants to have some fun. And another female lawyer in Taiwan even rubbished Show Lo's former girlfriend, calling her a capricious lover. "A girl shouldn't treat her former boyfriend like this even she has been betrayed," exclaims this female lawyer in Taiwan.

        I don't know what's wrong with their brains. Another irreverent  shrink living in Taiwan even called Show Lo a romantic figure who bonds with lasses, suggesting that he is a sentimental sort like  Byron.

        It's such disgusting for them to chafe at a doughty girl trying to tell the public that her former boyfriend is just another follower of Harvey Weinstein, who used his power to ravish young actresses in America. And it's decidedly absurd for them to claim that people should give Show Lo another chance to appear on mainland TV shows, allowing for the fact that such insolent sorts living in Taiwan don't even respect girls living in mainland.

        In any event, I'd argue that mainland should bar such celebrities from appearing on TV shows in mainland China. We don't need more dandies like Show Lo showing boys and men how to cavort with girls without marrying them. We should exalt the notion that only true love brings happiness instead.

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