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In the process of the realization of China Dream, building an all-round moderately prosperous society is a key step. Over a seminar focusing on poverty eradication in Northen and Western part of China, July 20th, Xi called for lifting poverty, saying:”It is a last phase.”

Reiterited significance of poverty eradication

During a lately inspection in Ning Xia city, Xi said:” What makes me concern the most is the 50 million poor Chinese that must be uprooted from poverty by 2020.”

Since the eighteenth Congress Session of CPC Central Committee, Poverty eradication and development efforts has been repeatedly pointed out and asked by him, showing much importance in his eyes.

Early in December 2012, when inspecting the work for poverty relief and development benefits in Buping County, Hebei province, the lately inaugurated president said:”The hardest and over-loaded work on building an all-round moderately prosperous society places in countrysides, expecially in poor areas. In other words, without prosperity from the poor areas, the all-round moderately prosperous society doesn’t exist.”

It is easy to understand why Xi went many places for inspection after he took office.

 It is easy to understand why poverty eradication is the key content for discussion in National plenary sessions each year.

It is also not hard to oberserve that it has become Xi’s part of life for poverty eradication.       He said once:” over 40 years, as I worked respectively in China’s rural, municipal, provincial and central government, that is my important part of work.


Layout of poverty eradication: pushing forward at each level

On a new plataeu, each step forward becomes harder. An article written in Qiushi megazine by Liu Yongfu, director of Poverty Alleviation Office in the State Counsil, says: over years of efforts, easy poverty-alleviated places and residents have already been out of poverty. However, poverty alleviation for the rest of places and residents that are still being poor are becoming even harder and high cost due to poorer conditions and weak development power in these places.

Statistically, to realise the goal of all-round poverty alleviation by 2020 means to alleviate tens of millions from poverty annually. But, in regard with the speed of 6million per year over the past 30 years, it is hard to accomplish.

Facing the complex situation, Xi made a series of deployment, reflecting a complete thinking and thorough layout.  

Mode of poverty eradication: extending gradually

In Xis policy, key way to activate the all-round work is to explore an effective method that is enable to over all places as well as targeting deeply in some areas, in order to facilitate bigger strategies and deployment.

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