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I'm an English language instructor, a motivator and a writer. Although, I come from a country where English is not spoken as the first language yet I learnt English with passion and improved my communicative skills, accent, intonation and style over the period of four decades. I've read a lot about discrimination in China regarding the color of the skin, nationality etc. when it comes to hunting an English teaching job in China. I wish to express my personal experience of acquiring a teaching job in China, being a non-native speaker of English.

I first came to China in 2004 on a visit visa which allowed me to stay in China for only a month. I wanted to take up a teaching position in this vast country and I was determined to get it because I had the confidence and courage. Prior to coming to China, I had put up about a hundreds of Job Wanted applications online with employers and agencies that required English teachers. I couldn't get any offer from China through online hiring system back then. Every agency I contacted required teachers from the countries where English is the mother tongue.

Having landed in Hunan province, I directly met with the HR at Hunan Agricultural University in person. That kind lady(The HR) provided me with a chance to do a demo class with a group of students who liked my teaching style and the enthusiasm which is natural to me. In short, I got hired as a Foreign Language Teacher at HAU(Hunan Agricultural University). They converted my 'F' visa to 'Z' visa in a few weeks. I didn't have to leave China for the conversion. The law changed in later years. The Uni arranged my Foreign Expert certificate, an apartment, and a residence permit valid for a year. In short, I got what I was looking for. No discriminations encountered.

I  stayed in China until 2013. I got hired by employers without facing any issues of nationality and the color of my skin. Later, I had to leave China in 2013 for the personal reasons and I stayed in my hometown for three and a half year.

This year in May 2016, I desired to come and teach in China again. I applied for teaching positions online and sent my resume to as many employers as I could. Again, I found all the positions required native English speakers. A resume is a document that tells the employers the qualifications and experience but it does not Speak English. This time, I created a video C.V and attached it to my application so that they could see me speaking on the computer screen. This worked for me and I got contacted by a training school. I got interviewed by the HR twice on skype and they arranged my visa documents. No discrimination encountered this time as well. I succeeded in scoring a teaching position in China and landed in Shandong province.

The idea behind sharing my story here is to let people know that we can find what we seek if we really have that Drive and Determination. Chinese universities and institutes announce " Native Speakers Only" because they want the students to hear Native English and learn the language with the teachers who speak this language naturally. If you can prove that you're good at English and you are able to teach, I believe, China welcomes you to come and share knowledge no matter where you're from. Your expression and conduct matter. I have met many excellent English teachers in China who come from non-native English places. Yes, You need to dig deep and hard. Nothing comes easy.

Love and Peace. 

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Reply Report parcher 2016-9-25 17:57
Nice story and very well written...
Reply Report Rizwanqamer 2016-9-25 20:19
Thank you parcher.

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