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after reading "a thousand splendid suns"

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The novel is written by KHALED HOSSENI. I love this novel so much that i have read it twice and shared it with my students. i told them the story when we have a little rest during the class. they enjoyed the story as well. i am deeply moved by the fate of the characters. Living in the war-torn country and a terrible family atmosphere for nearly thirty years, Mariam had a special short life of her own. And another character Laila is much more lucky in some degree. At least she had a happy childhood with her dear family and her intimate friends. She was not lonely and her father loved her so much and took so much importance on her education, which Mariam could never imagine to have. To me, the story has the charm that once you began to read it, you can’t not resist to read on. There are so many descriptions that impressed me which I can not name it one by one but to just show some of them. here we go!

I was deeply shocked when Mariam’s mother Nana hung herself after Mariam went out to find her father by herself and didn’t come back during the night. Mariam was heart broken and repentance haunted her. She remembered so clear the words of her mother” I will die if you go” which Mariam took them not that seriously. She thought that what her mother had said or done was just her selfness that she was not willing to let Mariam to have a happy life. But after all she had experienced she knew what she said was true. She was nothing but a harami to her father who cared so much for his reputation. Mariam’s life was completely changed after that. She was later sent away by her father and married a shoe maker Rasheed ,a forty something man who later turned out to be  self-centered and clod blooded. He made Mariam suffered a lot both mentally and physically. Life had not been kind to Mariam anyway.

Another passage that impressed me is that when Mariam was bought to the stadium, the descriptions of her inner mind make me mourn for her so much. “she thought of her entry to this world, the harami child of a lowly villager, an unintended thing, a pitiable, regrettable accident. A weed. And yet she was leaving the world as a woman who had loved and been loved back. She was leaving as a friend, a companion, a guardian. A mother. A person of consequence at last.”  Life had always been so tough for her, but she endured it so well and she even thanked the arrangement of the fate. Her sacrifice make Laila a better and whole new life. In Laila’s heart. Mariam was just like the thousand splendid suns always give hope and make life so bright. Mariam was everywhere around her.

I have finished the novel while the lasting touching plots lingers in my mind.

In one word, it is a wonderful novel.


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