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My humorous and strict father

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When I was a child,I used to play in the factory where my father worked.There were grass and trees,so I could make friends with various insects.On a summer day,sharp-eyed dad found and caught two mating grasshoppers. I hold these two grasshoppers in both hands and went home with my father.Colleagues of my father who encountered us had to ask intentionly,'Hyper,what are you carrying?' 'A larger grassshopper gives birth to a smaller one,'I replied innocently.They laughed and pumped me for the person who caught them for me.I told them it was my father. My father chuckled without words.I couldn’t remember how many times I repeated this conversation on the way home.

My father is both humorous and strict.He is a fitter and has many apprentices.My father taught me to be cautious even when I was a little boy.Last winter,I helped my father with his maintenance work in a food factory.When ascending a ladder, I dropped a screwdriver.My father reprimanded me.However, I paid no attention to it and replied,'It is Sunday today.No one but us are working here.It is not serious.'My father scolded me,'You ought to develop a habit to pay attention to safety whatever the circumstance is. It is necessary to hold on things when climbing ladders.Falling objects may cause accidents.'I remembered these words in mind.Every time I use drill presses,my father will warn me not to wear gloves.Without safety measures,one of my father’s apprentices lost his left arm in work .If we are not strict in certain circumstance,we may pay a heavy price.

My father is also a bold and industrious man.He always says to me,'The steel is tempered in this way' as he approches the end of hard work.It is true that my father is a warrior.I make a joke from time to time that some people who have never read How the steel was tempered are real warriors while some having done it are not.

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  • In or not? 2017-3-9 09:15

    good history

  • In or not? 2016-7-28 23:18

    Thanks for sharing the story, I enjoyed reading it and learned something.

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