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In or not?

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In the Ming Dynasty,the Grand Secretary Xie Jin once was cheated by an eunuch that the emperor asked him to play chess.He believed it and hurried to the Hall of Supreme Harmony in the Palace Museum,only to find the emperor hug a maid kissing.Xie Jin was about to leave."Xie Jin, in or not?",the emperor huffed.Xie Jin halted and replied "Yongle, happy or not?".Hearing this reply,the emperor's anger faded away and called Xie Jin to his side.Xie Jin was good at supplying the antithesis to a given phrase.His reply and the emperor's angry words sounded like an antithetical couplet according to Chinese characters’ pronunciation.In Chinese,the word "in" has the same pronunciation as the word "Jin" and the word "happy"has the same pronunciation as the word "le".
Xie Jin also finished another antithetical couplet:The sky is chessboard;The stars are pieces;Who dare move?The earth is pipa;The roads are strings;Who dare play?This antithetical couplet reveals the mind of Xie Jin.Xie Jin is worty of the author of "The Yongle Canon",the world's earliest and biggest encyclopedia.
Zhu Yuanzhang is the father of the Emperor Yongle.Tradition has it that Zhu Yuanzhang was an orphan,weak,easy to be bullied at his childhood.He was brought from Anhui province to West OneTuan and entrusted to his uncle with the adoption.Zhu's uncle who rented a land from a landowner got Zhu a job of keeping geese.On one occasion,Zhu let off the geese for prey and played with his mates by the river.They quickly became tired and hungry.Nothing to eat,Zhu thought of an idea"stew geese".They made a fire ,mixed mud,caught geese and stewed.There was only one lame goose left when they were full.All of Zhu's mates got afraid.Zhu looked up to the sky,finding a line of swans flying past.He said"Swan,swan.Down and help me".To everyone's surprise,the swans flew down and were driven by Zhu to the goose sty.The next morning,the noisy cry of the swans woke up the landowner.He got up to find what actually happened.The swans flew away at the time he opened the door of the goose sty.The landowner caught the lame goose in a rush.Zhu accounted for the loss and was sacked.
In the late Yuan dynasty,farmers revolted Yuan's goverance.Zhu went north to join the army.Before leaving,he together with his mates planted a ginkgo tree to memorize their happy days in DaTuan in Nanhui.Zhu became emperor later and the tree he planted grew tall as well.The village where he planted the ginkgo tree was called "the Ginkgo Village"from then on.As an emperor,Zhu tired of nice dishes of every kind.He thought back to his old days.At one time,he was shut away in that he roasted a bull.After three day's starvation,he dug mouse holes,hoping to catch a mouse to fill his stomach.Fortunately,he found coarse cereals storn by mice.He collected the coarse cereals and washed them up before cooking.The plesant taste made him unable to forget.He asked servants to cook the mixed coarse cereals(concidently on the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month).People followed him and gradully it became a national custom.Today,we Chinese people have laba porridge on the Laba Festival(on the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month).

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Thanks for sharing your story here, we have highlighted it.
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Thanks for sharing the story, I enjoyed reading it and learned something.
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good history

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    good history

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    Thanks for sharing the story, I enjoyed reading it and learned something.

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