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My mischievous dad

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My father got a slight cerebral infarction two years ago and has already recovered.And I’m happy to share some funny stories of my mischievous father.

My father likes meat. When there is no meat at meals,he would say “Meat is not expensive.” My mother cooked meat three meals a day to satisfy him for a time.One day,my dad’s head ached heavily. My dad didn’t want to go to hospital but my mum was insistent.My father was then diagnosed with a slight cerebral infarction.Thanks to the immediate cure,my father recovered soon.

To prevent father receives treatment at regular intervals.My mother learned from my cousin to put patients on a drip.When the drip was not over and my father had to go to the bathroom,he moved,pulling the chair which held the drip bottle.Even though my cousin and I were going to help him hold the tube and the bottle,he declined.On the contrary,My father pulled the needle and the tube deliberately when we were away.My mother got angry and thought it funny at the same time.She hurried to help my father hold the equipment.When we knew it,we bursted into laugher,saying“Let him pull the needle out and insert the needle again!”

My father is a helpful man.Once my father was surrounded by baby-holding women.After getting off the bus we took,a woman came to us,holding a baby.She said she needed a little money to go home.My father gave her 10 yuan without hesitation.A group of such women gathered round instantly.Finally,we ran away.

My father also has the habit of buying goods for sympathy.In trains,there are always people peddling.My little sister craved for some blackberries when hearing the sound of hawking.My uncle fooled her,saying”Blackberries contain black pigment and eating them will make people’s skin blacker.”My father replied”Watermelon isn’t eatable or your skin will turn red;Mango isn’t eatable or your skin will turn yellow”.Later,my little sister got some blackberries from my father’s favor.

Though my father makes me don’t know whether to laugh or to cry from time to time,I always love him.

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  • In or not? 2017-3-9 09:15

    good history

  • In or not? 2016-7-28 23:18

    Thanks for sharing the story, I enjoyed reading it and learned something.

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