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Continue to be kindhearted—write to myself at the beginning of 2018

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2017 is just in the past, and today is the first day of 2018. Looking back on 2017, I had a very extraordinary life, and I had experienced a lot of things that meant a great deal to me. On the whole, I like the past year.

In the past year, there have been a lot of annoying things on micro-blog, and all these things have aroused the discussion of Internet users. But what I'm different from the other micro-blog users is that I never comment on it. Although I seem to be "unconcerned" from this point, I really care about some of the hot issues on micro-blog.

It is my concern about the hot issues on micro-blog that brings me a lot of "annoyances". Just like the "child abuse case" and "JiangGe case"these two events have stirred up a big wave on micro-blog. Many netizens, after paying attention to the two events, commented on the darkness of the society. Even more, there are some doubts about the quality of kindness, because they see the kindness to be trampled in these cases.

But it is not difficult to find, in fact, there are many well-known sayings about improving moral cultivation and maintaining noble sentiment in the various historical stages of each country. What does that mean This shows that the sages have also faced the problems of moral decline. So when we face these problems again, we should bring the value of our tradition to the care of our time in order to prevent the moral degradation of our society.

The darker the world is, the more it explains the importance of the light, the more corrupted the morality it is, the more it embodies the value of kindness, and the more misfortunes you see, the more you should continue to be kindhearted.

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