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Education equity

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It is known to everybody that education equity in primary stage is quite important in a community, which has something to do with almost every family. In our daily life you can hear the complaints from ordinary people about the education equity. Many years ago, we started to talk about education equity, but the inequality of education becomes more serious now.

     I want to take Shenzhen as an example. Many years ago, there were three key middle schools of the government-run belonging to the first grade in Shenzhen. In other words, almost all top students were admitted to study in these three schools according to their excellent scores. It is almost the same as that today. Today, there are more than 300 schools for primary education. The government told us that they would never use the word “Key school” any more. However, they call it “Model school”. It is so funny. Nothing changes in essence.

     When there are several model schools only, education equity will be hard to realize. The resources for education will be focused on the key schools. As a result, when talking about the education of secondary school, people naturally think of these several key schools because they are the ones to output the most talents for top universities in China.

     In a word, I found little change in education equity in Shenzhen. It is the same in other cities and other provinces.

     When we study the essence of education, we know that score is not the only criteria to judge a student, but now we are trapped in this mud. It is why our education divides school into grades as well as our students.

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Reply Report Dr.Bill.Shen 2016-2-24 15:38
if national university entrance exam remains intact, you can not expect a meaningful change on score-based segergation among mid/high school kids. as you said, that results in inequality. i think this type of inequality is far less severe than the one between inner city kids and those remote countryside kids. it seems that our education appropriation has never intended to bridge that seemingly insurmountable gap.
Reply Report samlam 2016-2-24 16:30
Dr.Bill.Shen: if national university entrance exam remains intact, you can not expect a meaningful change on score-based segergation among mid/high school kids. as  ...
Right. The inequality in education appears in different ways in different areas.

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