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Yang Pei, a lovely girl

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Yang Pei becomes known all over China since she appeared on the stage of Dream Show. People will always remember her smile on her face and her dream to have a shop selling her own products of cross-stitch on line.

     She is 24 years old without hands. When the host of the program was talking to her she was always smiling. Her response is so quick and her expression is very good. How can a disabled girl without hands have so much confidence? Everybody was shocked when seeing a lovely and vivid girl standing on this stage showing her dream.

     Yang Pei told her story about how she lost her hands. When she was 9, she was stricken by electricity because of touching an electric wire. Then she lost her hands. Since then she couldnt go to school. Once she thought she was a fifth wheel for both her family and the society. At home she could do nothing but always needed help and much care. She had ever thought using death to free her family from this big burden. Her mother was very sad when she knew her daughters thinking and tried to persuade her daughter to treasure life and live on. With her familys help every single problem can be solved. Knowing that her family will not give her up, she encouraged herself to live on.

      Once her mother took her to a place in public, then stayed there. A passer-by showed his mercy and gave them 200 yuan. Yang Peis self-respect was really hurt. It meant that they were beggars. Yang Pei immediately asked her mother to leave and go home. She didnt want to live by the way of begging. She is actually unyielding. She wanted to get a better life through her own hard work.

      From then on she began to learn cross-stitch, a Chinese traditional art work. She learned to do needle work, getting thread through the needle with her toes. You can imagine how difficult it is to do needle work with feet. Indeed, she does it. She can do it like a normal person and become very skillful after many times of practicing.

      When seeing Yang Pei performing her needle work on the spot, the audiance were shocked. She used her toes to get the thread through the needle one by one to finish his last part of the her work. Many people showed their favor to her: helping her get a shop on line for free, buying her pictures of cross-stitch, helping her sell her products in the future and so on.

      Now she has her own products. She can earn money to help her family. She has her own shop on line to sell her own art works. She achieved her dream.

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Reply Report stander3068 2015-12-24 12:30
yang pei is indeed a strong girl. Yang pei is right, people should to make a living through their own hard work.
Reply Report voice_cd 2015-12-28 10:41
Thanks for sharing your story here, we have highlighted it in our blog homepage.

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