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John Coutis, a Disabled Man, Creates a Wonder

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John Coutis, a man without lower part of his body walking with hands, is well-known all over the world as a great lecturer as well as a master to encourage people around the world. He has already been invited to make a speech by people in over 190 countries and districts till 2008. His speech is full of excitement and encouragement, which shows his great love, self-confidence, self-respect and independence. He was born disabled and he was told to be dying the next day because he has no bottom part and his viscus (内脏) was crossing when he was just as big as a “Coca cola can”. But this tough life has lasted 36 years till now.

           His childhood is a sad memory. He was often played a joke on by a group of ruffians. He was put into a rubbish bin and set a fire. His insensible legs were cut by a naughty boy with a knife while taking an exam, who used a lighter to fire him and stuck a pin into his legs. In 1987 he decided to cut his insensible legs off and “walked” with his hands.

          He began to learn cricket indoors, weight lifting and American football. With his hard work and strong determination he began to win lots of honors. He won the first place in a disabled tennis competition in Australia. Then he got the second prize in a weight lifting competition. Some able-bodied competitors also attended. He has diplomas for coaching the events like cricket and weight lifting.

After graduation from high school, he had tried many times to look for a job, but failed. He got his first job until he met a boss of a grocer. Since then he has worked hard. Later he became a salesman and then a technician. A speech he made by chance changed his life. Once he was invited to introduce his special experience. All the people present were moved at his speech. One lady came to him and gave him a hug, telling him the story that she was going to put an end to her life because of a misfortune. But after hearing his story, she changes her mind. The story inspires him to change his way of living. He realizes that he can help more people by the way of passing his great spirit to face tough life on to them and encourages them to be independent.

“Impossible is nothing,” John always says in his speech. No one believes that a man with an extreme disabled body like him can do so many things such as parachute jump from the sky, swimming, playing tennis, driving a car, playing American football, skating and so on. But it is true.

Remember a saying given by Coutis, “Everyone has his (her) own ‘disabled parts’. You can see my disabled part, but can you see yours?”

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