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Failures in America society,government

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Today in the USA Rap and Hip Hop and violent gangs have taken over the youth of the USA. Rappers mostly come from the inner city, they promote the use of drugs non legal ones, use of rape,murder,disrecpect of parents,teachers,police etc. Promote use of racial terms, hate, covering body with tat's. They think this type of so called music is great, so called stars of Rap are doing great harm to society in the USA. They use gang signs in their acts and their dress style is sick.  Kids think all this in "cool" until they apply for a job and find out NO company wants drug users and walking bill boards for Tat's working for them. Racism is a major problem even  more today then in the past. Blacks  call each other the "N" word in Rap,Hip Hop, NBA players,NFL players,TV shows and movies all promote these things and same sex marriage.
Police are afraid to do their job because most of the street crime which includes drug sales, non-legal gun sales, drive by shootings, stealiing, murder are done by groups of blacks, Mexican's and white hate groups. Our rights in the USA allow these things to continue and grow and makes every inner city street in the USA unsafe. Now with the upper class kids joining in drugs,Rap ect. Even so called good areas of all cities in the USA are unsafe. Law abiding citizens are afraid to walk any where after  dark, 
USA has legal corruption at every level in government. Politicians not all but many use Cocain and other drugs and are never found quilty if caught. Prisons are run by the gangs and guards are paid off or threatened so they look the other way.The USA government wants China and all countries to bend over and do as they say. Why the world allows the USA to make demands when they can not even make the USA a safe place to live I have no clue. Companies in the USA steal informaton and technology from others more then any foreign country ever has or will.
Chinese should stop sending their kids to over priced so called great Universuty's in the USA. Not buy anything from USA companies in China. Not listen to Rap and Hiphop or beleive the lies printed by USA news. USA news is controlled by the rich and corrupt policticains in the USA. More then  the average person thinks. Drugs being sneaked into China should be stopped before China's kids end up like the USA kids of today. 
USA wants to control by use of hate and the military. Average person in the USA is blind to all of these wrong things.
All I can say is I hope Chinese smarten up and stay away from the bad culture of todays USA

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Reply Report HailChina! 2019-3-26 05:23
What about Indiana? Or Utah? They seem like decent places to live.
Reply Report Swifty55 2019-3-28 08:21
If a Mormon Utah is ok. If not forget it. Gary Ind, and other cities very violent.
Reply Report Swifty55 2019-4-11 15:57
HailChina!: What about Indiana? Or Utah? They seem like decent places to live.
American Indians got screwed more then the blacks and continues even today.

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