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New World.

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New World Order. Wow sounds so good until you know what it really is all about.It is made up of a group of very rich families through-out the world. Some are known but most stay secret to us the working people. Sixty of the richest families not indivduals belong to a group,known as "Bilderberg". They own and control the riches banks throughout the world. A few names that are known: Rothschild,Bush,Winsor,Walton,J.P.Morgan,Rockerfellers,Tata,Dupont etc.  The rest  are not as well know, and who they are most of us like me have no clue. What they want is to control the whole world. They want these things for around 500,000,000 million subjects (  people to be left after WW3). They will all be owned by the "New World Order".Consists of:
1. One World Government
2. One World Ecconomy
3. One World Military
4. One World Society
5. One World Religion

The USA government  which is actually controlled by the " Bilderberg Group",which also has control off the new "European group" all are working outside the normal government to control everything. This group has control in the U.S.A. of the C.I.A., Federal Reserve, I.R.S, all media resources, all banks, C.F.A. ( Conference of Foreign Affairs), weapons factories, oil reserve, 50% of the worlds natural resources, United Nations, etc.
Within the C.I.A. they control all non-legal drugs sold in the world, have control of U.S.A black-ops. Which means they have hidden bases around the world, plus control of the 800 foreign military bases owned and operated  by the U.S.A. The U.S.A. spends over 800 billiion U.S.D. each year on military. Thay have more nukes, chemical, biological, Sound Wave weapons, and Lazer Weapons. ( Every foreign USA base has these weapons) Plus USA has 50% of the satelites in space operated by the USA CIA. Has 10 weapon satelites in space that can hit anywhere in the world. Controled by the CIA- Bilderberg group.Most are unknow to the world and the USA citizens. Since no other country is allowed to investigate any hidded resouce the U.S.A controls, no one  can stop them. This may happen sooner then we think. The control of the world by this group.( Hope not before I die.) The people not in these families in the U.S.A. are actually paying the IRS which is tax not legal, since there is "NO LAW" which requires you to pay tax on your income,wages. IRS is a private cooperation owned by the banks. The Federal Reserve which is not part of the .U.S.A government (is owned by the worlds richest banks) is a cooperation based in England. Which loans the U.S.A. governemnt money to run the country at 6% interest. Interest is payed by the IRS income tax. These 2 groups are un-constituational. There is not congress, senate, or president,or courts of the U.S.A that can change these since the federal Reserve is based in England and the IRS is based in P.R. The U.S.A government has been bankrupt since 1910.

Other things are taken away from the citizens of the U.S.A, by the "Patriot Act", passed by President Bush, and the "Security Act" passed by President Obama. These take away rights given to the USA citizens by the US Const. Governemnt can detain you in prison if they think you are a terrorist or for any other reason they want. NO trial, no lawyer, no jury. They also can use anything in your emails, social pages, phone calls, private conversations you disagree with the government since all are spied on daily in the USA. Oh yes the great country with all the freedoms. NOT now folks. You can spend life in prison, be tortured, beaten, whatever they wish, because you are in private prison not even known to the USA citizens are the location of these prisons. People in the USA are not very smart. I know I lived there for 60 years before I retired to China.

 I have no legal rights in China living on a family visa. Yet I am safe, treated kindly, invested all my money in China and live better then I ever did in the USA when I had rights not found in the USA anymore. So I am much happier in China. Trust President Xi much more then any politician in the USA. Chinese should be thankful everyday. I know I am living in China.
Forgive me for any typing errors. Sorry. Many more things I could tell you about the USA. None good so not take anymore time here.

The two x-CIA members who retired then told the truth to the USA people where both killed by the CIA within 2 weeks afetr the spilled the truth. Now the media said they both lied were crazy then  killed themselfs. One had 2 bullet wounds in the back of his head. The other was shot once in his right eye and once behind one ear. ???????

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Reply Report HailChina! 2018-11-24 18:53
Do you really think you can get it done without making them eat their own starving children? Do they care that children starve in Yemen or Syria? They couldn't care less. Why should we care about starving them?
Reply Report HailChina! 2018-11-24 18:55
They don't care. So we should love it. We should love making them eat their own children.
Reply Report Swifty55 2018-11-25 15:59
You may need a doctor.

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