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It's a new beginning,and I want to be a batter man.

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Just now, I wanted to pass a picture from my computer,unfortunately,the BLOG can't do it. so I talk to myself that the BLOG is so lagging....... But I have the chance to write my first blog sincerely. Though I am an English major and have been learning English for almost 2 years,my English writing is still unprofessional,which makes me feel embarrassed. Maybe I am not suitable for this major,after all I like the science of law very much. But I didn't regret to choose the English as my college major,I always believe that if u did something seriously u can make success in the future.

Last week,I take an exam about CHINESE TOUR GUIDE,it was not difficult for me,because I was a student of liberal arts,remembering knowledge points is my advantages. However,as the old saying goes:Pride goes before a fall. I don't mean that i didn't pass this exam,the fact is that before I took this examination,I still had so many key points which I didn't remember. I thought i can remember all the key points and finish a lot of texts before the formal examination----because i am good at remembering things. Never fight without preparation.

At last,I want to share my motto with u:Opportunities always for those who are well prepared.

If u want to be a better man,too,do it now and enrich yourself,then u will have more chances to be successful.

this picture makes me feel comfortable.

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  • A handcraft made by myself 2016-1-10 11:33

    Very creative!  My wife always complains because I never throw anything away.  I always think I might use it for something else later.  But I am not creative like you.

  • A handcraft made by myself 2016-1-9 12:59

    Very nice. I did the same though not the identical item.

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