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How To Encourage graduates to set up their business?

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As we all know that nowadays, lots of graduates are under great pressure because they might think that they can’t find a job. In accordance with the news, 2014, is the hardest year to find a job, because in this year, the number of graduates had reached 7,270,000. Now two years past, it seems that this kind of pressure still exists.
However, the good news is that more and more adults choose to set up their own business or companies. Self-employment has become a popular idea among youngsters, college graduates in particular. Owing to favorable policies, a large number of graduates launch their own business as the starting line of career. Furthermore, some successful examples have already been reported in the newspapers and Internet. I want to raise two stories as examples. 
An 18 years old girl has become a CEO of her own bras shops. When she was a teenager, she found that girls could not choose their own bras which are both suitable and cute. Then she became a designer of herself to make her own bras. What she made was so successful then she wanted to set up her own company. Through a lot of hardships her efforts paid off and her story set a good example in America.
Another good example was that several youngsters created an APP called FRIDAY, which was soon spread over Chinese university students in a short time. Courage students can downloaded their curriculum schedule from the APP as well as share their own curriculum schedule in this APP. It was the APP that helped him get a big profit. The CEO of ALIBABA, Jack Ma had invested a sum of money in this APP. Instead of saying that the APP brought them with success, it would be nearer the mark to say that their spirit of entrepreneurship brought them with fortune.
Self-entrepreneurship is an inexorable tendency for youngsters. Though it has lots of benefits and government also encourages young people to set up their own business, according to the survey, only 1% graduates choose to start their business.
Therefore, I hoped that how to encourage graduates to start their entrepreneurship can become an issue of our society, because our young generation is the most powerful one to influence our economy in the future. Here are some of my opinions.
From my point of view, I thought that the following reasons caused the low entrepreneurial rate.
First of all, the process to set up their business was too complex. This year, in the Premier and Press Conference, Premier Li Keqiang also highlighted that in the past to get one project approved, one needs to collect up to over 100 stamps from different governmental departments, but the number has been brought down to about 50—60, but still, all those long procedures have driven up the costs of business start-up and dampened people’s enthusiasm for making innovations.
This may be the most important reason for why youngsters don’t want to start their own business.  To solve the problem, on the one hand, government should spare no efforts to streamline its administration and delegate more powers. On the other hand, youngsters should be encouraged to be braver during school. When they began to set up a business, they had to be willing to set some reasonable limits so that, in the event that the result didn’t work out the way they want, they will be in a position to try it again. What’s more, graduates who want to set up their own business can make full use of the Internet. E-commerce has become the most convenient way to sell products or ideas. The space on Internet for business entrepreneur is vast.
Second, guarantee is not enough for youngsters. They always wonder, if they failed in their own business, who could pay for their losses? As far as I am concerned, we all have limited resources in the form of time and money. So youngsters shouldn’t blow them all into one approach to the problem that they have encountered.  Government has to carry out some policies which are beneficial for graduates who have an idea to make their business and give financial supports to help those who are beginning to make innovations.
There is no doubt that self-employment has a great number of advantages. To start with, the current intense competition for jobs can be eased to a large extent. Besides, it is apparent that young people can broaden their horizon in their processes. In the case of failure, they can learn from their failure and enrich their experience. Last but not least, the hardship in self-employment enables graduates to be more diligent, which will be of tremendous benefits to their in the future.
To sum up, I still want to highlight the importance of entrepreneurship again. Our young people should bear this spirit in mind because the future is our future.

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