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2015-11-27 Taking Real Actions and Always Keeping on the Run

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There is an elegant and good-looking young lady in her thirties going in for English language teaching and trainning in Shanghai, I knew her for three years and witnessed her little ups and downs in chasing her dream. She is a hundred percent fluent in English herself and treat everyone nicely. I believe many of you would suck in her charm once you got to know her.
Why I wrote several lines about her? It's because I got inspired from what she had done. I just finished my college years this summer and returned home from Shanghai. I stumbled into a job offered at that time without even giving a second thought, taking up trading business in a local company. Five months passed, I gradually started thinking about the platitude that what my dream is. The current job is apparently not the right one I am looking for. After several weeks's pondering and lingering, I was determined to do something meaningful and utilise my potential to the top. So I started a new job a month ago, I started a small-sized English traing school, targeting all students ranging from 6 to senior high years. I made this decision not only for personal reasons but for the sake of local students as well. I live in a small and undeveloped city in Northwest China where there are far less opportunities and poorer education resources, even students in the city are quite weak in spoken English. You may be surprised at the fact that few English teachers passed TEM4 in the best secondary school ! Like many other cities, there are various English training institutions, but none of them has done well in substantially improving students' English. A student came to my school who had already learned in a relatively large English teaching school before, I remember when our first meet, I talked to him in some simple  English like "What do you usually do at school? How do you learn English? What did you do last weekend?" as I had expected him to be more or less familiar with these daily conversations, but it seemed that I was wrong, he could hardly understand me, let alone speak. Since then I was firmly convinced that I was doing the right thing.
Up till now, I have had more than twenty kids in my classes, I carefully prepare for each class and keep clear records of each major mistake they might make, I practice my own English every day, getting myself updated with what is going on. I am trying best to make them interested in this charming language or at least make their aversness towards English vanish. The other day I came across a sentence which would be of constant help to me, the lines goes that even the shortest journey would not be finished without taking the first step, even the most trivial task could not be completed without taking actions.
Now I believe only real actions will help, and let time tell. I love this job because I get myself refreshed every day. There is a long journey facing me, I will hold on to it.

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