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2015-11-25 Love and Life

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This morning when I was going through in wechat an eye-catching name brought my attention, which reads Don’t Panic Baby, I Will Always Be with You, so I clicked and finished it with tears swelling.

The article was written by a father whose only daughter was diagnosed with the peculiar Niemaoh-Pick Disease when she was in primary school, early symptoms of which includes anorexia and unbalanced body acts, so her daughter was gradually getting exhausted and unable to do simple things by herself. The writer himself and his wife were both taking up medical research and related jobs. It is exactly when his daughter was discovered to have behaved in the above-mentioned way that he was admitted to a famous university in America for doctor’s degree. Finally he abandoned the opportunity for further study and started the long-term battle against disease, he used all his money and network resources to bring his daughter to recovery. But they were all of no help, her daughter’s condition was still worsening after spending all their savings, they even sold the house and moved to a rented one but were still fighting against the disease.

The writer didn’t think in another way until one day when his daughter told him in desperate that if she had recovered one day, she would have painted the whole world on her drawing board. The little girl was bestowed with great talent in painting and she once received award in major competitions. The father decided that he would show the world to her daughter, making her little dream fulfilled. So he resigned from work leaving his wife alone so that one can earn some living as he is stronger in taking care of their daughter. Their first journey was to Changbai Mountain in Jiling Province China where there were beautiful sceneries around, during the long distance journey his gave several first aid due to her poor health condition, the great father was always by his daughter’s side and helped her finish many paintings, they traveled many other cities since then, during which the daughter was enjoying the miraculous nature and the father writing down notes of taking care of his little patient. The little girl still remains in relatively good condition, they don’t know when will these days end but I do believe they would be able to face anything in the future.

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Thanks for sharing your story here. We have highlighted your blog.

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