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Time of New Year!

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  I'm very enjoying these days to be with my family.When i grow up,i'm not expect The Spring Festival as before.But only in the Spring Festival,my parents can go back home to celebrate the most important  traditional festival.

  No matter where people work,they will go back to home in this day.Different places have different customs in China.what is the same is that people are busy preparing for the Spring Festival,especially in the twelfth month of the lunar year.Such as cleaning the house,buying  something for the festival and buy new clothes and so on.And different places also have different special foods which are cooking by hand.Some food i don't know how to express in English,so i am going to show you by pictures.


(we cook this in the 23th day of the twelfth month of the lunar year.But in China,the north and the south is different,for example,my university classmates don't eat this,but they make dumplings for the 24th day in the twelfth month of the lunar year.)


(I believe that many foreigners must know these,Zongzi.I have tried to learn to make it from my grandpa,but still now,i can't make a beautiful Zongzi.)

I will share more pictures after several days.

    As we know,many foods not only made for eating,but also for some nice blessings.There are many stories about these special festival foods to convey people's good wishes for the new year,for families' safeness,for a good harvest and for everything will go on well.Yesterday I went shopping with my father,when he was buying the spring festival scrolls,i wanted to buy some small fireworks.My father saw i held fireworks,he smiled and said to me:"you have already grown up,the small fireworks are made for the children to play."

   "No,when i am as old as you,i truely can't do this.So I should cherish the opptunity when i still can do this." On the New Year's Eve,the sky will be filled with beautiful fireworks.I was fond of playing fireworks with my brother in my childrenhood.

    What makes me very happy is that my grandma(not father's mother,but monther's monther)agreed to celebrate this festival with us.I went to her home and persuaded her twice,but both failed.The third time,she eventually agreed.This the first time we celerate this day togather.

  And here I want to say:”I wish all of you a happy new year!"

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Reply Report laoren1234 2016-2-8 11:04
French fries and zongzi for The Spring Festival? I love them.
Reply Report 木格花窗 2016-2-8 12:11
laoren1234: French fries and zongzi for The Spring Festival? I love them.
no,it isn't French fries.
Reply Report laoren1234 2016-2-9 16:58
木格花窗: no,it isn't French fries.
So what are they?
Reply Report 木格花窗 2016-2-10 14:03
laoren1234: So what are they?
pieces of sweet potatoes?i don't know whether i express correct or not.
Reply Report laoren1234 2016-2-10 19:14
木格花窗: pieces of sweet potatoes?i don't know whether i express correct or not.
I got it. Thanks.

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