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A Drunkard's Life---4.3

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When the girl broke up with him and left him forever, he was so sad and heart-broken. At the same time, he was also regretted for what he had done. “I should not have drunk so much”,thought to himself. Regretful as he was, but nothing can he do to make a change, or to make things up.

He thought that sadness,loneliness, disappointment and frustration all came to him in a time, which really made him mad and despaired. In order to eliminate all these bad feelings, to stop missing his ex-girlfriend,to run away from the messy life he was living, he started to comfort himself with alcohol. He took wine as a cure to his broken heart. From then on, he lived on alcohol. He drank much more wine than before. He always tried to get himself drunk every time he drank. He gradually became a total drunkard, an alcoholic, who was addicted to alcohol. He hoped getting himself drunk could let him forget about the one he loved, and hide from the world, or at least, it would take him out of sadness,loneliness and other emotions for a while. Many people, who encountered something bad or unhappy, say, losing his job or love, or his families,and so on, would like to turn to alcohol, considering it to be a good cure. But alcohol can’t bring all things back, or take them to the bright side, instead, it would only led them to the other side, darker and deeper, it would only make things worse. Most of time, for those who couldn’t control themselves and see the bright side of life, alcohol would only be a kind of poison.   

He drank three times a day, and got drunk three times a day. For the first few days, some of his neighbors would join him, as they didn’t know what happened to him, but they stopped joining him as soon as they realized the story,and he got himself drunk every time. After he was drunk, he may did many crazy and shameful things,sometimes, what he did may bring big troubles to himself and to the others,as well as his brothers. Though it was not sure, but many people said drinking too much alcohol would somehow make some damages on one’s brain. His brothers used to come and try to stop him from drinking too much. But they were always expelled away, so did anyone who wanted to persuade him to quit drinking.

It seemed the alcohol had really worsen his brain. Because after he became a drunkard, he usually acted disorderly, insanely, just like someone who had lost his mind. The more he drank, the more often he behaved abnormally and disorderly. It seemed his brain was damaged deeper and deeper, and was getting worse and worse. More and more people didn’t want to join him any more. No one could stop him as no body could stop the earth going around the sun.

When there was no one drink with him, he would still drink at his home alone. What’s more, as it was often said, cigarettes and alcohol were a good couple. People may be addicted to both of them, and once they were addicted, both or either of them, it would be extremely difficult for them to quit. On the first day of his ex-girlfriend’s leaving, in order to kill the pain, loneliness and sadness, as well as to comfort himself, he started to lit up the first stick of cigarette, with no doubt, he became a smoker,too. Cigarette and alcohol became his dairy necessities without which he could not live.

 (to be continued...)

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Reply Report kevinruud 2019-1-12 12:30
This might work in ancient times, but in the Internet age, it sounds so untrue.

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