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A Drunkard's Life---2

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He came back home and lived in his own old house alone, as his parents were living with his brothers. Single as he was, he had to live on himself. He had to cook and do the housework all by himself.

When it was time for farming, he would go out and do what he can to help his brothers and parents. When he was tired of cooking, he would go to visit his brothers and parents and had dinner with them.

It could be said that he was living a cozy life, a life without any pressure and burden. At that time, he had no need to take care of his parents, and he had no wife or children to take care of.

When it was not the busy season for farming, or when he had time, he would like to make himself some delicious dishes and enjoyed a prosperous dinner. In others’ view, he was a luckily guy. At that time, people didn’t know about the accident, instead, people knew Kim could get money from the government, which was so enviable.   

Sometimes, he would take out a book and read it while having lunch or supper. In fact, he liked reading, he had read lots of books and could recite or retell the stories he had read. So in his spare time, people could always see him sharing stories with his neighbors. And the most important one which he could remember pretty well and could retell it in details was ‘Generals of the Yang family’,a story about the general named Yang Ye and his sons, as well as his daughters-in-law. He knew this book very well, as he had the same family name Yang with the general,and Yang Ye was recognized as their ancestor. And he had read this book so many times. Sometimes, he would discuss the book with one or two of his neighbors who were also interested in this book. There was no doubt, reading was one of his hobbies.

Meanwhile, he would also like to drink some wine for dinner every day. For the first one year after he was back to the village. He behaved as normally as everyone else. In fact, there was no symptom or disorder behavior that could be linked to mental illness. In other words, the mental illness, at that time,was not so serious that could have great impact on his life. It seemed that there was nothing wrong with him. His neighbors were also nice to him. Some of his neighbors would envy him,when they passed by and saw what he was eating and drinking. At a time, meat was not common food for every family, for most families in the village, most of them could only have meat for dinner two or three times a month. But he could always have some for his dinner, which was the reason why his neighbors were envious of him.

Much free time did he have, and he would like to play with children to kill some time. He could do many funny things to make the children happy. In return, the children also liked to play with him very much. Whenever the children saw him, they would ask him to do something funny and interesting. One of the tricks he did very often was releasing his two hands from the handles of the bike he was riding, then he would make a cross with his hands in front of his chest, saying “ o mi to fo”, a slogan in Buddhism, something like Amen said by the christian in the end of prayer, pretending to be a Buddha. Every time he did it, the children would burst into laughter, and copied his words, saying,‘o mi to fo,’ after him. He would also laugh back to the children.

There was a time, he was riding a bike along the bank of a river which was running along his village. When he came to a turning, a group of children who were swimming in the river,sounded at him, saying ‘o mi to fo’, like what he had done many times before. To reply, he did the old trick once again. Skillfully, he moved his two hands away the handles of the bike, and made a cross in front of him. Seeing what he did, the children in the river laughed loudly, so did he.

To everyone’s surprise, at the beginning,the bike went along the bank of the river smoothly,and everything was under control. Ahead was a small bridge, he needed to ride across it in order to go home. The bike got to the bridge closer and closer, in order to get on the bridge, he needed to take a turn to the right. He kept his eyes on the children and laughed with them so happily that he paid no attention to what was happening ahead. When he realized he needed to take control of the bike, it was too late. Instead of going up to the bridge, the bike went into the river directly. And he followed the bike, fell into the river, too. Luckily, the water was not very deep, in fact, he could reach the bottom of the river by his legs with his head still out of the water. What ‘s more, he was a good swimmer, there was no need to worry about his safety. In just a second, he fell into the river, and he stretched his head out of water as quickly as possible. Instead of blaming himself or anyone else, he was not angry, but shew a smile on his face. He laughed to the children on the other side of the bridge.

Seeing what had happened to him, the children couldn’t stop laughing, they were so excited. They laughed louder and jumped up and down in the water. Some kids even laughed into tears on the bank.

With the kids’ help, he could easily lift the bike out of water. There was no damage to the bike, and he was not injured. Embarrassed as it was, but instead of running home as soon as possible, he stayed there and played with the children until it was time for dinner. And not until every one has left did he got on his bike and rode home,whistling.

Since then, whenever and wherever the children saw him, they would do what he did as he rode his bike before, saying the same slogan ‘ o mi to fo’ to him, and fleered at him. As the children laughed so loudly, and Judging from the faces the children made, he gradually understood that the children was laughing at him,making fun of him, and to some extent, insulting him. At the beginning, he didn’t care about it, but sometimes, when he was unhappy, or when he was drunk, he would be irritated, then,he shouted back to the children, ‘son of a bitch, don’t go away, I will catch you stupid kids and beat you on your bottoms. Haven’t your parents taught you to respect the elderly? I am your uncle, You bad kids.’

Yes, it was true, he was their uncle, and traditionally, in China, the younger generations should show respect to the elder generations. So he always told the younger generations to show their respect to him, which made the youngsters bored with it.

Hearing what he said, the kids would run away as fast as they could, and disappeared at corner. But their laughter could still be heard. After the kids had run away, he would keep mumbling,‘ son of a bitch, I will catch you next time, don’t let me see you again.’

But in other cases, if he was happy, he would not draw too much attention to what the kids said. Instead, he would also say “o mi to fo” to the children, sometimes, he would also laugh together with them. Gradually, people started to think he was kind of a nerd, or a freak, as he didn’t behave correctly in many cases.  

The longer he lived in the village, the more his neighbors knew about him. Gradually, more and more people came to realize there was something wrong with him. But it was hard to tell what the problems were. He usually did something abnormal, funny and ridiculous, which, in a view of common people,were done by crazy man. Nothing serious had ever happened, so people just thought he was a little strange.

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