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A Drunkard's Life---1.3

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The next morning, when they turned back to life and had a clear mind, they were asked to the boss’s office where they got the bad news that they were fired. Because they were thought to be unqualified for their job.

Sadly and regretfully, but no choice did he have but to leave the company and go home, then try to take another chance to find another job somewhere else.

But for Kim, he has never had any chance to find another job for the rest of his lifetime, though he tried many times.  

Finally, no chance did he have but to go home to help his parents and brothers with farming. As mentioned before, he was diagnosed with mental illness which was certificated by the government, that meant he could get the allowance from the government every month,or three times a year. It was not too much, but enough for him to lead a simple life. In that case, he would have no need to worry about food and clothes, as well as the day-to-day necessities. If he could do something farming by himself, he could probably live a better off life. But his situation was not serious, he could even raise some children if he could be lucky enough to get married some day.           (to be continued...)

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  • A Drunkard's Life---4.3 2019-1-12 12:30

    This might work in ancient times, but in the Internet age, it sounds so untrue.

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    Chengking: Dragon boat races are held in the United States as well. My nephew, who lives in Boston, is an avid participant. His team travels to different locales ...
    that's good.
    we have our boat repared today. as we are going to take part in this year's race held on May 5th Lunar Calendar.

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