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A Drunkard's Life---1.2

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“It was a great honor for me to have the chance to serve in the army, most people would have been longing for it for a long time. I was so happy. I really did”,he said. At that moment, Daming put his ears closer, while pouring some more rice wine in Kim’s glass. “ I hope”, he continued, “ after being trained for three years in the army, I could get a good job. That was the reason why I spared no effort to get a good performance in the training. And I was supposed to have that chance.” he took a sip in the wine, before he carried on. No one was going to interrupt him, everyone was absorbed in his story.

“But, damn it, things didn’t go my way”, he said with a sigh, “as you know, when I was in the army, one of the my jobs was to drive a three-wheel motorbike equipped with a carriage for two seats on the right. One afternoon in the second year, after training, I was driving the motorbike back to the camp, and I drove so fast. Then, all of a sudden, the wheel on the right hit on a big stone on road.”

“Didn’t you see the stone?”, interrupted Jam, the one sitting on his right hand. Kim gave him an angry look, but he continued, “the motorbike lost control immediately and dashed to the roadside where there was a water sink used to irrigate, and I was thrown away from the motorbike to the other side of the road. While the motorbike was stuck in the sink. What’s worse, as what I can remember, my head hit on something hard, perhaps it was a rock, or something like that. My arms and legs were hurt badly, blood were spread on my clothes,so were my head. And I passed out immediately. Few days later, when I came back to life,I was lying in the hospital. And those memories from when I passed out to the time I woke up was lost. Nothing did I know what have happened to me in that period.”

“What a tragedy!” people said. Then they started another round of toast they kept drinking until he was drunk again. Indeed, it was no surprise to find him drunk. He was named a drunkard since he came back the village. And perhaps people should not let people get drunk, as a drunkard would always have endless words to say, in some cases,along with the drunkard was always some crazy absurd things. Once a drunkard started to talk, he wouldn’t stop until he fell asleep. So Kim kept telling his story that night until he finally fell asleep.

As it was told that he was lucky enough that his life was saved, the wounds on his hands and legs were healed in few months. Things went quite well for him at that time, and he recovered very soon. When he was totally recovered and left the hospital, it seemed no accident had happened to him, he was as strong as what he used to be. He kept serving in the army afterwards.

One evening, about two months before his accomplishment of serving in the army, when he was having supper with comrades after training,one of his comrades passed by whose elbow accidentally knocked on his back. Unexpectedly, he suddenly threw away his food, highly raised up the tray used to hold food,and hit the comrade on the head. Every body was shocked, and no body knew what was going on. He kept throwing things away, food,plates,bowls and chopsticks were scattered all around the floor, making the food court a totally mess. In a few seconds, he was put down onto the floor, under control, by the one he hit,along with some of his comrades. When his two hands and two legs, the body, as well as the head were firmly nailed on the floor by six big guys. His eyes were widely opened,and he, crazily, spared no effort to struggle, hoping to get rid of the constraint, but in vain. He was taking deep breathes and screaming all the time. Then, he passed out again before he was handcuffed. And he was soon delivered to the hospital. But still, none of his commanders knew what was going on there. It seemed that a short slapstick they had just experienced.

Few days later, he woke up again. Nothing seemed to be wrong with him, while judging from his appearance. He can remembered everything he did, also he felt sorry for what he have done, but he can not explain why he was doing it. As he told the doctor, things just happened in a flash, he just couldn’t control himself at that moment.

After undertaking a fully body check, he was diagnosed with mental illnesses, something like schizophrenia or mental disorders, probably caused by the accident, as his head once hit on the rock. Because there was some small gores in some area of his brain, which will not dismiss by itself automatically, or be removed. As the doctor estimated, it may be caused in the accident where he hit his head on a rock. What’s worse, except the irremovable blood and gores in his brain, there was also a cerebral concussion. All of these probably will not be risky to his life, or claim his life, but they laid a permanent,incurable damage to his brain, which will make him easy irritated, behave disorderly, and act on spur. For most time, there was nothing wrong with him, he was just a person same with others. There would not be any problems, he can still live by himself,go to work as he liked. The problem was no one knew when he would be irritated,when he would go crazy or behave disorderly. It was totally unpredictable and uncontrollable. As he was diagnosed with disable, when it was time for him to leave the army, he got a disabled certificate from government,which shew that he was mentally ill, and the government would have to take good care of him once he can’t go to work or earn himself a living, or when he was old. In other words, he would get living subsidy or allowance from the government,so that he could still live a life when he didn’t go to work. That would not be a great amount of money, but it may be enough to ensure him with sufficient food and clothes. He had to go to work or doing something for a better life.    

Nothing went wrong for the rest months in the army. And according to the regulation, he should be assigned a job. So as soon as he finished the service in the army, he got a position in a factory near his hometown where he worked as a guard.

It was an easy job. All he needed to do was to sit at the gate and open it when necessary, sometimes patrol around the company, and keep an eye on the properties. Easy job as it was, it sometimes could be boring. And boredom seemed to be a dreadful disease that every one wanted to run away from, but in fact, no one could ever escape. Loneliness and boredom seemed to be intolerable to every one.

When he was working in the company,the only way he could kill the loneliness and emptiness was to have a drink with his workmates. And, he usually got drunk.

One evening, after work, his workmates and he were drinking alcohol in their dormitory. And they were almost drunk.  

“I think I will get married with a beautiful girl when I got rich.” said one of his workmates. “I will, I surely will”, he Mumbled while taking another sip.

“Me too, I am sure I will find someone more beautiful than yours.” Kim said, “And I will also be rich.”

“Yeah, that can be true, and our family can go travel together in the future. What a good idea.” Said his colleague.

“Sure, some day will do. What a great idea. I can’t help looking forward to it, he said and laughed out loudly, then he proposed a toast, wishing that day can come as early as possible.

“Let’s say, if you have a son, and I have a girl, or on the contrary, I have a son and you have a girl, then they can get married. If it really happen, we become relatives.” his workmate continued and laughed out aloud.

“Suppose you have two sons, then my daughter can get married with one of them, and we are all relatives finally. In fact, we all will become a family.” said another workmate, jokingly.

And there was another toast. More and more as they drank, they were a little drunk and started to say something aggressive and behave disorderly as someone who lost control.

“I will not always work here, I will be a boss, and I will be the richest of us.” he said.

“No, I don’t agree, I think I will be richer than you. But don’t worry I will take care of you. If you need help, feel free to contact me. I will do what I can to help you guys.” his workmate said.

“You guys have no need to worry about that, as I will sure offer you a job in my company if you need. I am going to be a boss.” said another workmate.

“How come? It is no chance for you to be a boss, but I will surely be. Do you agree with me, Kim?” asked his workmate, who put down the glass and stretched his left hand to Kim’s remote shoulder,willing to pull him into his arms. But so strong as he pulled that Kim couldn’t hold on the chair firmly, he was pulled down onto the floor. The table on which the food was put was kicked away as he stretched his leg while falling down. And the food was dropped on the floor. Everybody burst into laughter.

 “ I am sorry”, Said the workmate, And he bent down to get Kim’s shoulder, hoping to raise him up.  

But Kim, as quickly as he can, got rid of his colleague’s hand and stood up suddenly. “ You son of a bitch, what do you want to do? Are you looking for a fight?”, no sooner as he finished the last word, he slapped strongly on the left face of his workmate who pulled him down. He was completely irritated, and he slapped too fast for his workmate to turned his face away. Painfully and angrily as his workmate felt, he stood up with a strong fist and wanted to fight back. The other workmate realized something serious was going to happen,probably a bloody fight, so he came to the workmate, so as to hold him back. He tried to stop the fight. Unfortunately, he couldn’t do it. Drunk as they were, it turned out to be a fight among them. And no one wanted to admit that they were weak, perhaps no one knew what on earth they were doing. The fight ended as someone broke in. Luckily, they were not hurt seriously, but something unlucky was going to happen to them.    (to be continued...)

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