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A Drunkard's Life---Foreword

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Many years ago, I was planning to write a story about my neighbour, a very special man in our village, who suffered from mental disturbance caused in an accident happened long time ago, when he was serving in the army. And that accident eventually turned out to be a turning point of his life.

At the very beginning, I just wanted to write a simple story, describing the weird and strange things he had done, which for most of time can make people burst into laughter,and the way his neighbor treated him.  

Two years ago, when I went back to my hometown, I was told that he had been dead for a while. I was a little surprised, because just few months before that, he was still a strong healthy man, who kept drinking rice wine almost half a kilogram a day.

Then, many memories of him started to go over my mind once again. It was not that I was missing him, or sad for him. There was nothing to be sad,or sorry for, as everybody would surely died, it was just a matter of time. Rather, his death encouraged me to rethink whether what we had done to him,or the way we treated him before was right or not? What’s more, what should be the way for us to treat the disabled, the madmen,as well as those who were not as healthy as us? Would we have different attitudes if the disabled were our friends,relatives, families or classmates, as well as someone we knew very well? Furthermore, what if we were the disabled, how do we wish people to treat us?

Perhaps every one has a different standard to different people and different situation. And to different people and situation, they would probably act differently and accordingly. Unfortunately, Kim was the one who was treated differently,most of time dishonestly and unfriendly. It was not that he wanted to be treated like that, or that he deserved it. In fact, no one wanted to be like that, but people did it, in a way they thought they were not doing anything wrong. On the contrary, indeed, they could do it in a better way.

Every man is a completed man, who should be respected and worth of being respected, at least, I think so.

Maybe it was not a good decision to write this story, but I think I should write it. At least it can remind me something of the past, at the same time, it could make me to consider how to deal with those weak people,mentally and physically.

Everything done is worth to be done.

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