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goodbye 2018, hi 2019

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two hours later, i will have to say goodbye to 2018, and say hi to 2019. 
i don't know how people think about their 2018, what i really want to say is that how time flies! it seems yesterday was the beginning of 2018, but i will have to say happy new year 2019 tomorrom morning. have i gone through the whole year? maybe, maybe not.  have i done something ? i don't think i have, since i will have surely gained someting if i did. haven't i done anything? i think i surely have, or where have i spent the passed 365 days? confused!
how i wish tomorrow was the first day of 2018, then i could  keep working on my unfinished plan, replan the plan that should have been done, change what could be changed.  
looking back on the past 2018, i should have got up early,and spent more time on meaningful things; i should have reduced the time lying on the bed and done more exercise to keep me healthy; i should have idled less and read more books to remain my mind refreshed; i should have talked more to my families and friends; but, alas, what's gone is forever gone. 
learning from the past can help us avoid making same foolish mistakes. so it is better to have a look at the 2018 new year resolution before making the new ones for 2019. 
1, find a girlfriend and get married. ====>>nothing done, failing in finding a girlfriend, let along getting married. 
2, read 52 books. ====>> undone, only one third of 52 books were read.
3, Pass CATTI 2. ====>>Luckily done. 
4, write a book.====>>undone.  even not start yet.
5, pay off all the debt. ====>>done.  (waiting for a new beginning).

take it or not, 2018 has been gone, and to make a good beginning for 2019, spending some time and efforts on the 2019 new year resolution may be a good choice. we should not be overconfident, not too underestimated ourselves, so resolutions must be achieveable and reliable.
Bye 2018, Hi 2019!  tomorrow is another day! go fighting for 2019!
                                                                   Jan 1,2019

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    SEARU: We should always feel comfortable about the current economic condition although we are trying to improve it! Most foreign friends dislike to discuss p ...
    that is true.
    Perhaps we should cherish what we have and pursue what we want.

  • An old Chinese saying I like. 2019-4-25 09:02

    We should always feel comfortable about the current economic condition although we are trying to improve it! Most foreign friends dislike to discuss personal income.  I think it is pleasure when I can fully make use of time to do meaning things.  Happiness lies much on self-satisfaction!~~

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