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It's the exam period!

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As we usher the exam period, students flood to the library and "chanted" those unillegible lines, ambitious to cram all of them into their minds in a single day before the exam. Though it's the usual practice that students should memorize whatever teachers told they to  remember, I'm not criticizing the educational system of our country--it has suffered a lot of criticisms such that one or two more would do no harm to it and just leads to some echoes or some oppositions.

Students are truly excruciated when talking about exams, but at other times, many of them either enjoy themselves hanging around or idle away to kill time--hardly bother themselves with thoughts about exams, not to mention education. In terms of learning, the master said, "A man who is able to review past knowledge and acquire new knowledge is qualified to be a teacher." Those who act as usual and simply turn several pages before exam always succeed in arousing my curiosity and admiration. Sometimes I feel unfair that I am not born genious but still plowing on the field diligently, which I guess happens on many other people. 

But there's another type of people who work most efficiently when deadline is impendent. In that case, everthing is clear--no more changes on content of exams and even can inquire the “straight A students" about some problems at hand, then with one single goal--remembering whatever required in the exam, they can often move much faster on the road of eating books than those who started more than a week earlier. 

Different students will embark on different learning methods, especially when taking it into consideration that Chinese students tend to have at about twelve's testing experience, confidence should be their asset. An ordinary student among millions, I believe that I'm not on the unconventional way, which spurs me on to commit myself to making down-to-earth efforts or even more than most.

What about you exam week experience? Could you share it with me?   

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Reply Report Kevinfly 2016-1-12 10:48
All most same as your exam week. We always spend all semester on games, basketball and sleep. But in the last two weeks before final exam, all students turn to be 'good students'.
Reply Report Igo 2016-1-16 11:56
Can't wait to see you top the class in the exam again.
Reply Report JasmineLuobo 2016-2-14 11:58
Igo: Can't wait to see you top the class in the exam again.
Hi, Igo. Your reply seem to me you already knew me before, that surprises me!
Reply Report Igo 2016-2-15 03:16
JasmineLuobo: Hi, Igo. Your reply seem to me you already knew me before, that surprises me!
Your eyes told me everything.
Reply Report JasmineLuobo 2016-2-15 22:55
Igo: Your eyes told me everything.
I never knew my eyes are so helpful
Reply Report Igo 2016-2-16 11:27
JasmineLuobo: I never knew my eyes are so helpful
They tell things. Don't you see?

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