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when Christmas comes to town

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--Christmas is coming! 

--Why are you so exciting?

--Because it's Christmas! You know, Christmas!!

I have to admit that I was sort of excited when Christmas trees were erected in shopping mall, when streets were inundated with santa stickers. However, after a second thought, I couldn't figure out why Chinese, especially the younger generation should be so crazy about this festival. Surely we welcome cross-cultural communication which is getting more palpable in people's daily life, but most of us don't get the essence of Christmas. As far as I am concerned, Christmas is about family reunion, like Chinese New Year,  and the pursuit of the true, the good and the beautiful, which best manifest themselves in the story of Santa Claus.

A simple look into how Chinese celebrate Christmas can evoke the feeling that we are making it a shopping carnival. Besides, many comments said that we were turning it into a third valentine's day, apart from qixi festival and Valentine's Day. Boyfriends went "bankrupt," girlfriends were in ecstacy. Seats in resturants were fully booked and people could barely move a step in metro station. Then, after a night's entertainment, the first thing we did was posing photos on the moment. Only after that last sacred ritual, we felt good about life, and another thing we enjoy is checking how many likes and comments we've got. 

I am not saying that Christmas is none of our business, at least celebrating it has done nobody harm. The value of Christmas, in my perspective, lies in the story behind it--the belief of Santa Claus. He's more than an imaginary character who sneaks into house through chimney and kindly put gifts under Christmas tree. There's a Santa Claus in every child's heart, if they are told about the story. Awaiting the coming of santa is the most thrilling for them--they hold a dream that those amazing things--sleights, reindeers and bells are all exist. With such a belief, they are trying to behave well; with such an expectation, they have something to strive for, though it is indeed unattainable; with such belief, they hold gratitude towards people who are endeavoring to make a better society.

These thoughts are evoked  partly by the movie Polar Express. It might seem kind of naive that a bunch of college students should watch an animation together on Christmas, but it's certainlly thought-provoking. Though this was the third time I had seen this flim, this time I have a different reflection which is different from previous fun-seeking experience.

Wish you all Merry Christmas!

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Reply Report samlam 2016-1-3 15:06
It is a wonderful Christmas.

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