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Two days in Beidaihe

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In the afternoon of the day that we arrived in Xingcheng, we left for Qinhuangdao. It was raining heavily while we were on the high speed way. I kept the speed less than 100 kilometers per hour but always some bigger cars would run past me. They are more expensive than mine, so I think they rely on the better quality of their cars. However, it more seems that they rely their lives on the tires of the car. Why? If the tires slide or exploded, an accident must occur.


With all the care and luck that God blessed, we got to Qinhuangdao in the late afternoon. We booked a hotel when we set out. So we went straight to there and unloaded our suitcase. The hotel is a normal room with a large bed, air conditioning, a kettle, a TV and a toilet. 150 RMB more or less is worthy for that.


The next morning, we were too excited to wait. There is not so far from Qinhuangdao to Beidaihe. Actually Beidaihe is a district to which belongs Qinhuangdao. It only took us less than 30 minutes to get to the beach. As being well known throughout China, the zone near Beidaihe was well guarded. Policemen are everywhere, they guided our traffic. On the way, for my first time, I saw a fleet of sport cars which were driven by youngsters. They are less than 30, accompanied by pretty ladies sitting next to them in each of their car. Each car is worth more than millions of RMB. Drivers and pedestrians are stopped to see the scene and take photos.


The bill of the parking is 20 Yuan. The closet for storing stuff costs 30 Yuan. That means with 50 Yuan or less, you can have fun in Beidaihe. I paid some money for lifebuoy because none of us can swim. The water is not too deep near the beach and with a lifebuoy I can float on the water in order not to get drowned. I teach my wife how to use the lifebuoy, although it is also my first time to use it. But my daughter, no matter how we tried, she would never be persuaded to paddle in the water. Instead she was fascinated by the sand. She played the sand with all her attention, that made us laugh. The environment in Beidaihe is fine, although it is not very clean, it is better than the beach so called golden beach in the same city. But the sea wave is bigger in golden beach. For the safe of lives, plastic lifebuoy is not allowed to use there. But in Beidaihe, it is all fine to use any kind of it. If there is some pity, not sitting on a yacht counts one. 


Within two days, the skin of my back, my arm and my shoulders is badly scorched by the sunshine. I can not stay there anymore, plus my sore neck began to hurt. We ended the trip earlier than we planned. Anyway, we have been to the beach and it is important.


By the way, in the evening we visited the shopping street in the central city. It is not like the accustomed scene in our mind. There are not so many customers wandering on the street and many stores are closed in the early 8 P.M. I don’t know why. However, the next day when we visited a shopping street near Beidaihe, there were a lot of people, shopping and dining. Of course, we had some sea food there too, including some crabs, some mantis shrimps and some clams without any crawfish. 

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Reply Report voice_cd 2016-8-25 10:58
thanks for sharing such a good topic, old friend, we have highlighted it.
Reply Report AndrewCraven 2016-8-25 17:02
Thanks, you are kind. Wish you a great day!
Reply Report 财神 2016-8-26 17:35
It would be nice if you have submitted some photos too.
Reply Report AndrewCraven 2016-8-26 19:28
财神: It would be nice if you have submitted some photos too.
later in my another post.
Sorry about my laziness.
Reply Report cookie172625 2016-8-30 17:25
How amazing this article is!I had went there,too.But I just visited a few scenic spots.Until now,I still feel regret about that trip.
Reply Report AndrewCraven 2016-8-30 20:46
cookie172625: How amazing this article is!I had went there,too.But I just visited a few scenic spots.Until now,I still feel regret about that trip.
you will have another chance to revisit there someday.

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